10 Brilliant Animated Explainer Video Examples

The statistics that surround the popularity of video marketing say enough. Animated explainer video companies are now carrying the future of video marketing on their shoulders. More than half a billion people are on social media every day watching videos. The entirety of the traffic represents 82% of all the consumer traffic that is online.[…]

How Can Small Businesses Use 3D Animation Video to Market on YouTube?

Visual information can be processed 5-6 thousand times faster than text. Have you started using the services of a 3d animation explainer video company to tell your brand story yet? In the current era, the overall percentage of the visual audience is really high. 65% of learners are visual learners. Thus the impact of any[…]

Animation Vs Live-Action: Which Is Right For Your Brand?

There is a never-ending debate for all video marketers. What do you choose, live-action videos or animated explainer videos? Which is better for the company’s brand recall value and character? Well if you’ve come into this hoping for a black or white answer, the truth is- there isn’t one. There are no right or wrong[…]

A guide to choosing the best Explainer Video Production Company

Video marketing is all the rage these days. It has become an effective tool for marketing regardless of whether you are an established company or a start-up. The results obtained through video marketing far outweigh other marketing strategies as the internet has made video consumption extremely engaging and convenient for consumers.  With all the positive[…]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online animation creation tools?

You know that explainer videos are a highly popular medium right now. They have become such a powerful tool to market a product or service and persuade customers. With such an effective form of communication, many businesses are hopping on the bandwagon to get animated explainer videos made for their brand.  While some businesses think[…]

Five Benefits of Telling Your Story with Explainer Videos

Have you ever opened a company’s website only to be completely confused about what they actually do? Even if these sites had multiple pages that explained their services, their values and company culture, it still left you confused with too much information. This is one of the major problems that companies face. Companies have lost[…]

9 iconic brands that used animated explainer videos to boost their business

Animated explainer videos are increasingly popular among marketers and companies looking to engage with their target audience and stand out from the crowd of businesses fighting for consumers’ attention online. They’re also increasingly popular with consumers, as more and more people realize that such videos can make important content easier to digest and more engaging[…]

The best tools to create compelling animated videos for free

We know that explainer videos are a useful tool for conveying ideas and messages to your audience. The visual graphics used in the videos create a good user experience for potential customers who visit your website or landing page. Needless to say, it has become an important marketing tool for businesses. But how do you[…]

Keep an Eye Out for These 10 Animation Trends in 2022

Animation has increasingly become a popular medium for advertising and marketing. From in-app animation to animated explainer videos, people are coming onboard with animation because they understand how effective the medium is for different businesses. Animation has paved a way where products & services can now be presented more engagingly than how it was done[…]

5 Essential Types of Videos for a Smooth Onboarding Process

For any company, the onboarding process is a crucial element. According to analysts, a company that follows a proper onboarding process creates an average employee retention rate of 86%. The reason behind this success is that it allows the new employees to learn about the company, its policies, its work culture and also gives them[…]

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