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How Can Small Businesses Use 3D Animation Video to Market on YouTube?

Visual information can be processed 5-6 thousand times faster than text. Have you started using the services of a 3d animation explainer video company to tell your brand story yet?

In the current era, the overall percentage of the visual audience is really high. 65% of learners are visual learners. Thus the impact of any visual message conveyed is so high that a huge amount of information that is transmitted to the human brain is visual.  

This is how animated explainer videos come through. 3d animation design agencies create animations in various formats be it for architectural designs, 3d mapping or even social media. They simplify complex ideas, provide entertainment and customize each video for a diverse range of audiences. Animated explainer video companies know how to make videos a visual treat. Let’s see how small businesses can use 3D animation videos to market on YouTube.

  1. Retains the viewer’s attention

3D animated explainer posts grab the attention of the viewers. It initiates discussions and then can be further used for promotional activities because of its high production value. These kinds of YouTube videos are enjoyed by all kinds of viewers be it young minds or adults, regardless of their profession.

  1. Simplifies complex topics

A 3d animation design agency can bring your boring content to life in the 3d realm. When ideas are translated into animated explainer videos, you can make your character do and say things in the favour of your brand. Even a complex topic can be easily depicted with the help of 3D animated explainer videos.

  1. Hits the chord with the target audience

3D animated videos on YouTube can be very nostalgic. They bring back memories that most of us connect with cartoons. They make us sentimental which is one of the most effective feelings one can have in content marketing. This makes it more impactful and sends your message easily to the masses.

  1. Everyone enjoys watching animated explainer videos

Animated videos can be information-packed, entertaining as well as extremely engaging. And when your videos are interesting, they have the potential to become viral not just on YouTube but on other social media channels like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram as well.

  1. 3D animated videos are cost and time-effective

Animated videos are Time & Cost-Effective. A 3d animation design agency can help you create videos in a shorter amount of time than a full-fledged video production where a whole set-up is involved with actors, videographers and a whole camera set-up. Not only does it make it a longer period of time, but it also requires huge investments.

  1. Boosts Conversion Rates

Animations aren’t just effective in engaging your customers but they also motivate them to buy your products or service. You need to make 3d animated videos an important part of your digital marketing efforts. You can always showcase your animated explainer videos on your landing pages so that your prospects understand your deliverables in detail. 

  1. Helps Clients Understand Your Product

Animated videos are extremely effective when it comes to storytelling. With the help of animated explainer video companies, you can showcase real-life instances of how your service/product can be useful for your target audience. This can actually work really well for your conversion prospects.

  1. Strong Visual Effects

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a 3D animation can take that to an even higher degree. People can get to know about all your products from a simple marketing campaign. The visual treatment and the level of creativity showcased even for boring industrial designs can help your customers remember your product for a long time to come. Thus, it makes sense to utilize the best possible format to deliver your complete message.

  1. Detailed Stories are condensed.

In a world where an attractive voiceover and detailed graphics can instantly grab the viewer’s attention, nobody has time for paragraphs of text. You need to always keep your animations short yet concise. Over-simplification is now a very common marketing technique used by  3d animation design agencies to convey messages to audiences. A 3D animated video can help you look really professional with the help of graphics and sounds curated in an eye-catching format.

  1. Tech-Savvy Reputation

People judge your company from how you approach them. With the help of creative marketing 3d videos, people will think of you as a very creative company. Look at CRED for example. If you want to get recognized as say a freelance design company that has the most modern technologies up its sleeve, then you need to showcase that through moving visuals. Believe it or not, your audience adores creative companies. A technically sophisticated yet simple marketing video can create a huge buzz amongst consumers. If your videos are great, people will remember you. 

All in all, a  3d animation explainer video company can help you do a great job with effective social media marketing. Harp on the bandwagon and see your profits increasing and your clients engaging like never before. A good 3d animated video can be visually engaging, informative and can really set you apart from the crowd.