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5 reasons best explainer video companies are the next big thing

Are you an ecommerce website owner or someone looking to one up your competitors in online sales? Ecommerce product videos can be a game-changer for online retail platforms. Best explainer video companies are the quickest, easiest, and a relatively inexpensive strategy to turnaround the performance of your ecommerce pages.

In fact, data shows that ecommerce product videos have a huge impact on conversion rates. Almost 84% of consumers say that they’ve had their buying decisions influenced by a brand’s video and that they would rather watch a short video to learn about a product. Product videos help build trust and transparency among buyers, especially among Gen Z or Zoomers.

Videos are also a surefire way to discover new brands. They tell a story by bringing the product to life. Animated explainer video companies can potentially unlock a world of opportunities for the ecommerce sector. Moreover, you don’t even need to invest time or money in major marketing campaigns.

Here are five reasons why video marketing is the future of digital commerce and crucial to driving sales.

Video is more Shareable and Clickable

Everyone loves video. An ecommerce product video is an explainer visual that demonstrates the how-to and the benefits of the product listed on the Internet. It has the power to translate brand experience into transactions.  Buyers are twice as likely to share video content with their friends, as opposed to a text or an image.  More shares means more clicks, which, in turn, is the same as more sales made. Product videos humanize the customer experience, imitating a physical store experience in turn. After all, better engagements lead to better conversions.

Videos drive more organic traffic to the site

By utilizing animated explainer video companies, sellers have the opportunity to drive more organic traffic to the site. Data shows, 62% of organizations claim product videos have helped boost the amount of organic traffic they get. Organic traffic is one of the biggest drivers of visitors to any ecommerce store.

Informative videos can help clear user queries

Animated explainer video companies can help showcase everything from product specifications, how it works, integrations, and more can be addressed using product videos. They give customers the assurance that the listed product is right for them. Most buyers believe that product videos bolster their confidence when purchasing products online. Unlike brick-and-mortar retail, customers can’t physically touch ecommerce products. But video can bridge this gap by showing the product in action and giving prospective buyers more context on day-to-day looks, feels of the item. 

Videos can be impactful from a marketing pov

The Truth is consumers would rather watch an ecommerce product video than read lengthy descriptions or even the listed product features. Videos keep visitors glued to the site for longer, boost total page visits, and improve the likelihood of purchase. They can be effective on social media too. When people “share” such videos on various platforms, the brand’s reach automatically shoots up because it becomes immediately accessible to the followers of the buyers. It’s easier and comparatively inexpensive to strategize, script, film, edit, and publish product videos.

Videos Build Trust in eCommerce Sites

Most online retailers struggle to establish trust among buyers, unlike brick-and-mortar stores, animated explainer video companies can help you change this. The goal of a product ecommerce video is to help businesses convey what their products can do. People tend to rely on businesses that stand out, intelligent storytelling can offer a human perspective on brands and thereby establish trust. Testimonial videos can go a long way in reinforcing trust in brands as they offer completely unbiased opinions on products and services.

Best explainer video companies allow online stores to showcase the faces behind the brand, bridging the customer-seller disconnect. In order to make a confident purchase decision, customers need to be aware of the value of the listed product. The most effective tool to communicate this information is visually through quality product videos. Customers may not be able to touch the products in the ecommerce store physically, but well-done product videos can compensate for this aspect and personalize the customer experience.

Using videos on ecommerce listings is the easiest way to enhance on-site customer experiences. Word of mouth can be quite powerful. All brands need to do is build a heartwarming story revolving around the product. Maybe the person watching can be your next buyer!