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Animation Vs Live-Action: Which Is Right For Your Brand?

There is a never-ending debate for all video marketers. What do you choose, live-action videos or animated explainer videos? Which is better for the company’s brand recall value and character? Well if you’ve come into this hoping for a black or white answer, the truth is- there isn’t one. There are no right or wrong answers here. Both have their pros and cons.

The answer honestly depends on what you want. What is the kind of content you want to achieve and what do you want your audience to learn? Will this be an informative video or a promotional video? Would you want a little mix of everything and most importantly what will make the most of your time constraints and budgets?

Let’s talk about money

Whichever format you choose you would want it to be as cost-effective for you as possible. Depending on the complexity and the ideas for the video, every format has the potential to be of the same price. A lot of people think that animation might be the cheapest option for them because there is no set involved, no production crew or actors. However, state of the art technology is required to create intricate graphics which might make you want to take a step back. Often times the costs of equipment and software to render a great animation video can outweigh the expenses of a live-action video. It all depends on the complexity of the project. Animation also requires extensive pre-production and planning which includes writing scripts and making complex storyboards.

On the other hand, live-action shoots are not cheap either. Other than simply hiring a set or building one, you have to think about insurance, cast and wardrobe. Unless it is a simple corporate video where your employees/colleagues have to talk to the camera then there are some really important expenses you have to consider. If you don’t have the time or the money then you can simply record videos on your mobile and edit them however you want.

It is thus important to remember that both video formats can be similarly priced. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because a lesser number of people are involved in animation, it automatically becomes cheaper.

Let’s dive into the benefits of each type.

Animated explainer videos

  1. The versatility in production

            The possibilities of marketing your videos are endless with animated explainer videos. You can create anything- from the wildest abstract and ambitious graphics to something more muted and quiet to grab your audience’s attention. Choosing from a variety of styles and different formats will help you incorporate a creative flair into your video content and breathe life into it. With the number of options available at your fingertip, the marketing strategy may seem overwhelming but if you get a video content company, like ourselves, you can take a step back knowing that your video content marketing is now in capable hands.

  1. Informative Video Content

A great advantage of animated videos is everything gets fitted into bite-sized chunks. Animation can simplify abstract concepts and complex topics making them easily digestible. This is extremely important if your video includes a lot of data. Studies have shown that your knowledge retention can increase by 15% if you watch an animated video. You can even make the most boring data attractive with pleasing motion graphic charts and graphs. This in turn will boost audience engagement because they will be interested in your stunning graphics and thus will be actively listening to your brand.

  1. Longevity in Video Marketing

Animated video content can last for a long long time. This is because everything is graphically rendered. Once made, they are easy to edit and you can get changes made even after a year if you have the raw data and software files with you, that live up to the change in your branding. Thus animated explainer videos can last you years before you feel a need to produce a new one altogether. This makes an animated video 10x more cost-effective and doesn’t weigh on budgets.

Live-Action Videos

  1. Personalised Video Content

When real people advertise a tangible product, it becomes a very persuasive technique to market to the masses, This is especially true when video content is both shareable and promotable easily. You want your content to connect with your target audience as much as possible. With a live-action video, you can easily play with your audience’s emotions through an instructive and authentic tone. This in turn adds more value and credibility to your brand and helps your audience envision your company culture. Remember, you’re not just selling your product you are pitching your business to a very long term clientele. A physical product on screen can add a humanising tone to your business.

  1. Quicker Production

The biggest advantage that live-action video has over animation is that the recording/ shooting time isn’t much. Whereas every small detail in animation has to be built from scratch and that too in a far more intricate manner than the pre-production process. Whereas, you already have all the people and the props you need for a live-action shoot. At the end of this, the speed also depends on how complex your product is. The creative process can be easily shot but the more components to a product, the longer it takes.

  1. Accessibility in Video production

Sometimes you don’t need a specialist, or state of the art equipment to make a very high-quality live-action video. If your project is simple, then you can have a video camera on your mobile phone that can easily do the trick. This also depends on the scope of your project, but if time and money are an issue then you can simply do it with a phone and simple editing software.

To conclude

There are huge advantages to both live-action videos and animated explainer videos. There is no best way to condense abstract subjects or complex topics to convey a more personal approach. At PitchWorx, we can help you devise the best way to showcase your brand its services or products to reach your audience be it through live-action or animations.