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How animated explainer videos help brands

Struggling to convert sales leads into loyal customers is a marketing challenge that has baffled many before you. The simplest way to get around this problem is to tell them your story. But not just tell it, show it with an explainer video. To the uninitiated, animated explainer videos—condense a complex product idea or brand messaging into a 2 min or shorter video to get potential customers invested in a product or service. Whether you hire animated explainer video companies or choose to develop product explainers in-house, they can be implemented as a standalone or as a unit of a broader marketing strategy. 

Explainers as a video advertising tool

While the brand messaging is unique to each company, broadly, explainer videos address pain points, elaborate what the product/service does and how it solves for a problem through crisp, engaging visuals. Consumer data forum Statista noted in 2020: “The most widely used video type in global B2B (business-to-business)  communication were product videos. How-to’s and explainers were also a popular choice for B2B video marketing campaigns.”

In short, an animated explainer will likely have these five distinct components.

  • Problem — addressing the pain points of the consumer
  • Solution — details the value proposition.
  • How-To — a primer on how the service or product works
  • Benefits — to pitch your product or service’s unique merits
  • Call to action — that will give the consumer a compelling reason to take the next step.

Data shows up to 85% of people are more likely to buy a product if they first saw an explainer video. Explainer videos are, at their essence, a means of communication. All said and done, animated or live action explainer videos or best explainer video companies are a means of communication to educate viewers, prompt them to buy a product or engage a service—or impart instruction on the dos and don’ts of an already purchased product . 

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Before you set out on your explainer video production journey—some key details to mull over:

  • strategy and concept
  • end goal you want to achieve
  • key video messaging
  • identify your target audience
  • a strong CTA to tie it all up

Trending Video Animation Styles in Spotlight

Whiteboard Animation

These are simple 2D illustrations in black and white accompanied by narration. The narrator walks the viewer through the story being narrated within the drawing. They are highly effective as corporate product explainers and more economical to produce than any other type of video.

Motion Graphic Animation

Motion Graphics or graphics in motion “create the illusion of motion and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects” to communicate, entertain or market content. This genre of animation takes basic concepts and applies them to abstract elements. 

Kinetic Typography Animation

This moving text technique—marries text, numbers and and motion—to produce a playful illusion to convey ideas and emotions.

Cartoon Animation | explainer video company in Gurgaon  

Traditional hand-drawn animation coupled with splashes of colours, expressive characters, details and a dash of humour—that can add a lot of personality to your video explainers.

Live-Action Video

This video style involves real people in scripted narratives, interview case studies, product demos, and live tutorials, mixing live-action and animation gives you the best of both worlds. It requires pre-production (planning), production (shooting), and post-production (editing).

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Stop Motion

In stop-motion animation, objects are “physically manipulated between individually photographed frames so that they will appear to exhibit independent motion or change when the series of frames is played back.” While it is the least complex, it involves a tedious process of taking pictures frame by frame.

While you can have your pick from a dozen different video styles and best explainer video companies, pick a style that has a long shelf life and can be repurposed in multiple ways, aligns with your core messaging and generates high-impact ROI for your business—it’s that simple.