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4 Reasons Animation Explainer Videos Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

When you talk about marketing, you must be considering all sorts of best practices to promote your product/services. It is of utmost importance for companies to build engaging content that allows their audience to understand and build their trust around your brand. You are looking to create engaging content that resonates with and compels your intended audience to take action. You may have thought of creating videos or ads that draw attention to your product/service, like all big companies, but many choose to ignore, because of the fact that TVC ads or videos can be expensive. The more grand the video, more is the cost to the marketing budget. Animated videos, on the other hand, are the best and most engaging format of videos for your brand awareness or training modules.

Animated videos can express a brand’s message most creatively and concisely. Animated explainer video companies for businesses are becoming one of the biggest trends in the digital marketing and internal communications systems of successful companies today.

Let’s discuss why exactly you should use animated explainer videos for your brand.

1. Communication becomes effective and clear to understand
2. Animation has no limit, any idea or sci-fiction can be brought to life
3. Animation videos need fewer production costs than a real-life video or film with a real cast and crew.
4. Animation videos are attractive, they bring imagination to life and a worldwide audience connects to an animated video.

Spread the word quickly and effectively

In more than 90% of cases, a person is more likely to engage with a visual form of message than others. videos are processed faster than text, making videos a much more effective medium to communicate with your target audience. There are millions of book readers but there are billions of videos watched every year. Just look at OTT data and you will understand why especially animated movies like ‘Despicable Me, ‘Ice Age’ and most of the Disney or Pixar animated films earn billions worldwide and companies use video ads to connect to a worldwide audience. The video breaks the barriers of language and can still be enjoyed with its imaginative approach.

Now holding someone’s attention is hard, but with 3d animation design agency or 2d animation explainer video company, it becomes effortless to connect with someone–who is not aware of you at all. With unique creative ideas, you can communicate engaging messages and develop videos that can help forge the connection you need with your customer base.

Bring your imagination to life| 3d animation design agency

An animated video or explainer animation has the power to bring unseen ideas and concepts to life, without much struggle to create, thanks to technology. Working today with the most cutting-edge technology like Artificial Intelligence in animation motion capture technology and animation and editing computer applications that can enhance an artist’s ability to bring any world to screen. Animation allows you to find a creative and artistic approach to discuss a concept or idea that maybe impossible, or highly expensive to get, for now.

Animated videos are no hassle with low production cost

Live shooting of videos is much costlier than we think, it is complicated to manage a large crew and one needs a lot of support and incur heavy expense to do it better. In comparison, animation videos are free of additional costs–such as actors, crew members, lighting crew, costume cost, location cost and physical props and artwork, as well as the fact, that the cameras are not-so-cheap as an equipment, and you need multiple of them in a large setting.

Animation videos do not need unnecessary expenses or retakes and climate or social blunders that increase the cost of production, the process is free from any such disruptions and can be managed by a creative and extremely skilful team, the sky is the limit.

If you have a website then the use of an animated explainer video on your landing pages and social media channels can increase your conversion rate by 80%, by grabbing a potential customer’s attention for a long time; hence providing more information, such as product/service explainer videos, to build trust in the brand and increase chances of a purchase.

Extremely engaging and provide value to the audience in the form of entertainment

There is something about animated videos or films, it’s just dreamy and so appealing to the human mind. It creates a sense of outer world experience that a person is unlikely to feel otherwise.

These nostalgic animation videos of our childhood if you have been a Marvel fan or a Cartoon Network fan like me then you know what I am talking about. Animated explainer videos do the same, it immediately creates an emotional connection with the brand and makes it one of the most memorable parts of a person’s life. If you feel the animated videos are the answer to your brand story then tell us. We are an animated explainer video companies and have over 750 live projects currently online distributed by our trusted clients.