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Explainer Animated Videos as a compelling tool to promote your brand

Get this—businesses that rely on video content to boost their brand identity—grow their revenue 49% faster than those that don’t. Which leads us to a recurrently trending video marketing tool—animated explainer videos—these are short videos that help illustrate complex ideas in simple and engaging ways. Best explainer video companies help  brands display a unique value proposition. A catchy, easy-to-grasp explainer video is a fun way for brands to connect with their B2B or B2C customers regardless of whether it’s in the banking, healthcare, internet services, consumer products or retail space.

Best explainer video companies will add some much-needed flamboyance and originality to your brand outlook—unsurprisingly, setting you apart from the rest of the pack. If that doesn’t convince you either, fact is brands that use video marketing see a 49% higher year-on-year revenue growth than brands that don’t.

Let’s dive into 5 reasons why you should consider animated explainer videos to boost your brand’s presence online:

Increase Brand Awareness

That young audiences enjoy video content is a known fact. Display your brand’s quirky personality with 2D and 3D animated explainer videos. Use animated logos, branding colours and mottos to boost brand awareness in the digital space. A fun and bright animation is guaranteed to help inject humour into a brand’s online presence, attracting a broader set of potential customers.  Data shows that, in fact, 80% consumers believe that explainer videos are particularly helpful when making a purchase.

Explain How to Use Products/Services

Minutes-long explainer videos can help customers gain a profound understanding of the product functionality, compared to long-winding printed tutorials. Explainer videos are widely leveraged by SaaS firms, as they help demonstrate how to use a specific online service or software product. Design firms like PitchWorx, which is an explainer video company in Gurgaon, wield a lot of influence in the marketing and advertising space with eye‑grabbing animations that help brands stand out.  The visual nature of the animation explainer videos help demonstrate the benefits of intangible products or services—that can not be seen, tasted, felt, heard, or smelled before they are purchased.

Faster sharing rate and cost-effectiveness

Shareability is one of the biggest perks of animated explainer videos. The average consumer attention span  is around a measly 8 seconds. A short explainer video with a compelling storyline is the perfect antidote to this. They can also be widely shared across social media channels. While stand-out character design and beautiful illustrations will do wonders for a brand’s conversions. Did we mention that animated videos are also highly cost-effective compared to say, running expensive marketing campaigns. Around 52% of marketing experts claim that video content brings the best return on investment (ROI) compared to any other type of content. Video content is evidently one of the most efficient ways to improve sales, for businesses struggling to convert website’s traffic.

Grow Customer Engagement

Social media feeds are over-saturated with news, images, GIFs, and many other kinds of content for our consumption. Animated explainer videos make information engaging, memorable and entertaining—they leave a lasting impact impression on the audience in a crowded digital world. For instance PitchWorx, an explainer video company in Gurgaon, helps brands convert products and services into engaging 2D and 3D animated videos.  Videos that range from motion graphics animation to whiteboard animation, character animation to screencast animation. Animated videos spanning over a few minutes are enough to hook potential customers and motivate them to check a website. An animated explainer video helps turn the indifferent cold audience into precious leads by encouraging them to learn more about a company. On the one hand, it evokes the viewer’s emotions. On the other hand, it increases customer loyalty. Customers are often driven by emotions when making purchases, and we buy more often from brands we feel loyal towards.

Better ranking on Google

Websites with video content are 53 times more likely to appear on the top pages of Google. As in, Google has a preference for videos. Video content also increases the average time spent by audiences on websites. Social media shares can increase a brand’s click-through rates. Moreover, video earns inbound links for qualified referral traffic. These SEO benefits help explain why a recent study showed that 89% of marketers claim video gave them good ROI and 95% of marketers planned to increase or maintain their budget for videos.Best explainer video companies can accelerate your business growth and multiply conversions. At a glance, animated explainers can work as a brand introduction video for new customers. Landing page explainer videos on specific products/services can emphasize all the benefits and points of advantage, encouraging customers to buy them. To sum it up, animation can drive emotions. Funny animated characters, engaging storylines, compelling visuals, and upbeat music holds the power to leave a lasting wide smile on the viewer’s face.