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Video Shoot Services

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For the past nine years, PitchWorx has created various types of video content for all sizes of companies- Be it a corporate shoot, an HR video, an event that needs to be captured, or a simple client testimonial to be shot, nothing connects better than a short live-action video. From pre-production to post-production editing- we are your go-to studio live action video shoot services!





PitchWorx -Live action video shoot


Corporate Films & Industrial Films

As a company, it can really get exhausting to talk about your company and brand, every time someone new approaches you. You need a corporate video or an industrial film that you can use to showcase your brand. With our live action video production services, we help you tell your stories with a human touch to make a statement and entice your target audience.



Client Testimonial Videos

Customers don't want to know what brands are selling. They want to hear the stories of people who have the same challenges as they do. At PitchWorx our live action client testimonials are focused on the why. Each action video is scripted immaculately to make sure your video testimonial discusses the customer’s pain points and how your product provides the solution.



Product & Brand Campaign Videos

Brand campaigns and product videos can often feel ‘salesy’. At PitchWorx we understand what makes a good campaign video for a launch. Our live-action campaign videos move away from the traditional marketing practices and set the stage for more human interactions between brands and consumers.



Operations Process Videos

Every task your company does has a certain operation procedure that stems from the initial planning phase and then moves on to preparing, executing and assessing. Our operations video makes a customer know exactly what is coming to them, the transparent process behind your work or the services they’ll be getting if they come to you.



Event Coverage

An event coverage video or live video production highlight can transform any event into a fun, peppy day that will get more sign-ups and a bigger crowd for the future. The live-action video team at PitchWorx is equipped with solid video shooting and editing skills to make your event the best marketing strategy of the season.



Leadership Interviews

Every team needs multiple leader figures and every leader needs to have a persona that exudes confidence on screen. At PitchWorx our team of excellent scriptwriters and video production managers not only take care of the shooting bit but make sure the message is impactful, motivational and action-inducing.



Training Videos

The pandemic has truly changed the way we derive our education. Training, skill-sharing and development videos have taken the world by storm. At PitchWorx we know the secret missing ingredient for a training video that will give you ample signups. Contact us and learn how we can help you do that.


Featured Works

Our Approach

Driven by creativity and passion we always deliver visually impactful designs on time and within budget

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling


Make A Kick-off Call

Our services start with a briefing or kick-off call, wherein we deep dive into what you do and how to best capture that in a video format. With a broad clarity of your business, we assess the objectives, audience, deliverables, and timeline.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling


Undertstanding Content

Before moving onto the next stage, we will review the content you provide and assess whether it’s aligned with the objectives you have mentioned in the previous stage. Understand that content is the king here, to begin with it will help your message shine through. If needed, we may abridge or modify the content to some extent until we have a fitting Script.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling


Storyboarding & Visualization

In this next pre-production step in our workflow, we help you visualize the script with the help of a storyboard. The storyboard will illustrate the keyframes, scene transitions, along with voiceover text on screen.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling



This is to help you get an overview of the end product and minimize errors along the way. The shots, location, equipment and lighting are also prepped to anticipate and prepare for any issue; and ensure the best-possible video and audio output on the D-Day.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling



This is when the footage for the live action is captured. For the production stage our team will follow the storyboard and directions agreed upon during the pre-production stage.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling



During post-production, only the best shots are chosen, while each clip is cut to the right length to retain relevant information. The final video is then enhanced by layering voice-over, graphics, text, animation, and music.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling


Multi-step Quality check

Everyone makes a few mistakes – they are all part of the design process. However, to not rectify these would be a blunder, hence we’ve put in place a multi-step quality check and review process to ensure every minor mistake is identified and rectified before it goes to you for your review.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling


Project Feedback & Review

The project isn’t complete unless you have reviewed and shared your comments with us. With your feedback, all the holes are plugged in, the i's are dotted, and the t’s are crossed before we send it to you for a final review.

PitchWorx - The Art of Visual Storytelling


Final Result Delivery

It’s a wrap! Keeping in mind your feedback, we preen, polish, and compile the deliverables so that it not only looks stunning, but it’s ready to wow your audience as well.

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