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10 Brilliant Animated Explainer Video Examples

The statistics that surround the popularity of video marketing say enough. Animated explainer video companies are now carrying the future of video marketing on their shoulders. More than half a billion people are on social media every day watching videos. The entirety of the traffic represents 82% of all the consumer traffic that is online. This is why there is no better delivery service for your company than getting a corporate video production agency on board to create you a video.

Through explainer videos, you can deliver every important bit of information within 1-2 minutes. From traditional animation to 3D, to live-action video services, you get it all. Plus a variety of genres like comedy, drama, explainer, or simple corporate video production, everything is possible. This means a lot of options to communicate what your business is. Youtube mobile views are increasing by 100% every year. This proves that video marketing is where the future is. Let’s take a look at some of the brilliantly made animated explainer video examples to draw inspiration from so you can take your video marketing to the next level.

  1. Wine Country Gift Baskets


This explainer video does a great job of mixing happy animations along with inviting images to deliver a positive image. The idea of giving a gift always appeals to human beings. Gourmet coffee, chocolate, hot and fresh cookies, bottles of wine, etc are products that the crowd wants. Through this video, the corporate video production agency does a great job at conveying the message in just a minute.

  1. Communyco


When you’re trying to introduce your new product or service you need a video produced by an explainer video company in Gurgaon that’s eye-catching, snappy and fun just like the video made for Communyco. Communyco is an application for all kinds of creators, from writers to teachers to bakers. With a vast targeted audience, it helps to create a cast of unique and animated characters to make sure that it grabs attention.

  1. Med mart


This video does a fabulous job of teaching a layman how to use their app. It takes out the complicated process of plastic surgery and simplifies it through the video. The video is a little long but the use of 3D graphics does a great job of showcasing all the benefits the app offers.

  1. ConnectPay


Animated explainer video companies can make great videos if the brief is solid. This video is an example of that. This video shows that you can create an explainer video with characters that don’t particularly look ‘cartoon like’. The characters created for this video are fitting for the topic of financial services. With a topic as dry as this, fun animation along with an upbeat soundtrack can create all the difference.

  1. Snappy Kraken


This video shows how versatile animation can be. Although all of them fall under the umbrella of animated explainer videos, they are quite different. This video is all kinds of ‘wacky’. With cartoons and unusual characters who explain the story, the video is a breath of fresh air. It’s all about what works best for your target audience.

  1. Microsoft


Although Microsoft is one of the biggest brands out there, they still need to constantly remind their audience about their legacy. This video is a great example of B2B marketing. It’s very effective in educating viewers about Microsoft’s cloud-based solutions. The smooth animations do a great job here but the narrator’s way of telling the story really sells the message.

  1. Clever Devices


This explainer video is great for a variety of reasons. This video was made during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when animated explainer videos were still not quite the rage. This video beautifully outlines important changes in a very easy to follow and clear way. Added to it is the colourful and beautiful world the explainer video company in Gurgaon creates, which makes it a worthwhile watch.

  1. Legalease


The soft and limited colour palette combined with a simple design makes the video well-branded, sleek and professional. The simplicity works well to show the platform screens. With less detail, it means the video doesn’t need to be changed constantly every time there’s a new UI change in the company.

  1. Purina


A lot of things can be very difficult to explain visually. However, Purina does a great job at doing it within a 30-second animation video. The smooth transitions showcase vitamins and pet foods, and how it benefits customers’ pets.

  1. Yesifi

The videos by talented animated explainer video companies do a great job at keeping viewers’ attention. As a rental company, Yesifi has a very different kind of target audience- landlords and tenants. The video has an upbeat soundtrack that makes sure the viewer can follow the story in 3 simple steps.