Let Your Animation and Presentation Design Flow this Independence Day

The Fifteenth of August is all about celebrating our independence and the various freedoms and rights granted to us by the Indian Constitution. Freedom of expression being an important one of them, we take this opportunity to exercise this right and give a novice or an expert graphic designer a few tips to create some[…]

Why Use Custom Infographic Designs in your Content Driven Marketing Strategy?

We exist in an age of Big Data which means that there is more data than our brains can process. On an average we create close to 2 million videos, 1.5 billion pieces of textual/visual and close to 175 million tweets in a day! So how do we filter unwanted content from this huge pool[…]

How an Infographic Design Adds to Social Selling

The forefront of any business is the “sales” it makes. While other paraphernalia might be important to a business’ concern, the most important and highly critical criterion of a successful business is the amount of sales it generates. Sales processes have broken barriers and traditional channels of selling are now being complemented by “social selling”.[…]

How Infographic Designs Can Aid Visual Storytelling!

Humans rely more on visual panache than textual data. It can also be said that an impact is not always data driven. For instance, if you have to deliver a discourse on the universe to a bunch of 12 year olds; your gut will always prompt you to go in favour of picture-related impact over[…]

5 Ways to Ensure Your Infographic Design Goes Viral!

Okay, so you’ve spent all your creative efforts, designing a top notch infographic for your business and are all set to go all guns blazing with it! But wait; designing is just the preliminary part. The actual fight is to make it go viral! You could create an awe-inspiring Salvatore Dali-esque work of art with[…]

Common usage of graphic designs by various industries

Blurring the fine line between technology and art, graphic designing is a beneficial tool for communicating ideas/products visually. The major components of graphic designing involve typography and the use of images to disseminate ideas, albeit in a creative way. There are many industries that owe their existence to the prowess of the graphic design business.[…]

The future of design: Experiential Graphic Design

Experiential Graphic Design, previously known as Environmental graphic design embraces the orchestration of various design disciplines that include landscape architecture, graphic design, industrial design etc to conjure an environment that can communicate. With the advent of computer integration with graphics, design education has forayed into an altogether new direction, akin to a turning point. The[…]

Why graphic designing is the ideal career path?

Unlike most other occupations that require a tedious, run of the mill and an ever so mundane framework of operation, graphic design thrives on the ability to deliver creativity! A graphic designer needs to constantly explore the vistas of his/her creative mind to be able to conjure the best designs. The constant brainstorm is what[…]

How to implement graphics in your presentation

The mantra behind delivering a successful presentation is to know what message is to be conveyed through each individual slide. Essentially, a good presentation should have a crisp write-up, a clear vocal narrative and the employment of graphics! The whole point is to make your presentation as engaging and interesting as possible. There are times[…]

Sell well with creative graphic designs!

The secret behind success is the ability to deliver things differently to your target audience. Your customers need an enticing reason to buy from you and not from your competitors. Your product offerings should be modelled in a way that it stands out from the run-of-the-mill competition. It is vital for a company’s existence, to[…]

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