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Let Your Animation and Presentation Design Flow this Independence Day

The Fifteenth of August is all about celebrating our independence and the various freedoms and rights granted to us by the Indian Constitution. Freedom of expression being an important one of them, we take this opportunity to exercise this right and give a novice or an expert graphic designer a few tips to create some amazing inspirational materials that reverberates with your clients.

Pass on Old ways and be Different

The whole sense of patriotism and colors of Independence makes way for a plethora of creative prospects for a graphic designer. With no disregard to our Indian flag design, be a little different this time, and consider designs other than horizontal rectangular tricolor of deep saffron, white and green. A bright rangoli design dipped in these colors without straying too far from the path is a great way to express your love for this beautiful country.

What more you can even fall back on our glorious history and use it as a resource for your graphic designs. You can get hold of hundreds of stories of our Revolutionary heroes you can use them as inspirations for promotional graphic designs.

Fireworks in Tricolor

Make this Independence Day special with fireworks! They can be a big hit in the sky and also in banners, flyers and other designing materials. You can use your clients’ company color in to create the firework’s graphics. For an amazing firework effect, you can use a tricolored background in various shapes, just to add that traditional Indian dash to the graphic. But ofcourse, it should look classy and not too gaudy!

Keep Promotional materials Promotional

Limited time-sales, deals and bargains added to promotional pieces can be very responsive. Use colorful, interactive texts to announce these Independence Day or week sales. Promotional graphics should be very attractive to grab the attention of customers and should boost sales. The quality of printed promotions is always a direct reflection the client’s products and services.

To conclude, using these few uncommon yet innovative ideas celebrate this Independence Day soaking your designs in the colors of patriotism!

Have a Happy Independence Day.