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Why Use Custom Infographic Designs in your Content Driven Marketing Strategy?

We exist in an age of Big Data which means that there is more data than our brains can process. On an average we create close to 2 million videos, 1.5 billion pieces of textual/visual and close to 175 million tweets in a day! So how do we filter unwanted content from this huge pool of data that we create daily?

We are always attempting to organizing data most meaningful to us and making it accessible. How can we go about achieving it, in a way that makes data collation easy for people? It can be said that consuming information from the internet is akin to forcing your brain to ingest more information than it can process. So which is the easy way out to organize and curate data that makes consumption a tad bit less complex?

The answer to all the above-asked question is custom infographic designs; that helps organize data in a way that plays more on the “accessibility” quotient!

What is an infographic?

An infographic is a combination of text and graphic that presents textual information in a visual shorthand. It is a cohesive interplay of words, design, and images that helps simplify complex information in an easy to understand format! Employing an infographic is an essential component of content-driven digital marketing strategies! It narrates complex data in the form of a compelling visual story! An infographic plays data and graphical content in a way that attracts eyeballs, delivering your story in a way that makes it easy for people to make sense out of!

Statistics based around infographics

An infographic driven presentation sparks more interest from people than a presentation that is purely verbal/textual. Inserting an infographic in your PowerPoint presentation makes it 30 times more likely to be read as opposed to a purely textual one! The most popular search engine Google recorded close to a whopping 70,000 searches bearing the string “infographics(s)” alone in 2013! A test also reveals that people remember 3/4th of what they see or do compare with 20% of what they read. As attention span of people is on an all time low (less than 8 seconds), the use of graphically driven information becomes a necessity for brands to be seen and associated with!

Why employ infographics in your marketing strategy?

People love a good story, which is why companies should resort to using infographics to show facts, figures and statistics! The human brain is hardwired to learning more out of visual content than purely textual content which is one reason why brands should focus on communication through infographics. Infographics are eyeball-grabbing and owing to their compelling nature, drive more traffic to your website! From a more business and branding point of view, an infographic drives more brand awareness, courtesy its potential to go viral! A website with an infographic ranks higher on Google search too!