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The future of design: Experiential Graphic Design

Experiential Graphic Design, previously known as Environmental graphic design embraces the orchestration of various design disciplines that include landscape architecture, graphic design, industrial design etc to conjure an environment that can communicate.
With the advent of computer integration with graphics, design education has forayed into an altogether new direction, akin to a turning point. The need of the hour is to prepare emerging designers and to expose their ideas to a digitally rooted, rapidly evolving experiential oriented world.

To put it succinctly, Experiential Graphic Design seeks to align graphic design with the the built environment.

Examples of this domain include architectural graphics, exhibit design, sign programs and many others. Experiential design involves the usage of digital technologies and dynamic content driven system that facilitate rich interactions between the information flow and the user.

Brief history of EGD

History of this revered field can be dated back to exhibits of graphic communications such as the cave paintings that can be seen in the use of hieroglyphics. Some examples of “communicative environments” can also be seen in stained glass of cathedrals from around the world.

The present

The realm of Experiential Graphic Designed may have originated from signage and branding, but it has evolved manifold to encompass specialized disciplines. EGD requires practitioners that are skilled in information design and communication along with adept knowledge in processes, materials and the manufacturing physical objects. A perfect synergy of all the above perpetrates an organized environment, meeting the standard requirements.

The future

This practice shall communicate information about people, places, brands encompassing stunning, yet straightforward visuals. Experiential Graphic Design would assume the role of a core storyteller and relay information across platforms through a fluid environment.
“Design in the future would be unique” as it would be more about creating an integrated experience from start to finish.
The growth of EGD would be akin to actually feeling the design, like you reaching out to grab it!

The whole paradigm would enable you to visualize things in a more in-depth way!

The future is here! Are you ready to be swept off your feet?