Impress Your Audience with Visual Storytelling in Your Presentations

Stories are such an integral part of humans. From folklores to the present day Netflix-dramas, there have always been stories surrounding us. Every society and culture has stories that have been passed down through generations. They are easy to remember and effective in influencing our way of life.  So if storytelling can be so persuasive,[…]

7 Tips to Create the Perfect Animated Video for Business

Videos are the “it” thing of the twenty-first century. Social media has changed the content scene completely and every business, big and small, is using video and visual content as a part of their marketing strategy. Since no single approach works all the time, marketing strategies use a combination of tactics and content forms and[…]

Here’s How you can Optimise your Video Strategy for Social Media

Videos have become an important part of digital marketing these days. With more online platforms creating a space for video content, it is a great option for businesses to leverage this medium and gain publicity. Social media videos can do so much more than what traditional marketing could achieve.  Let me back my statement with[…]

Know how a presentation design company helps

Picking the best presentation design company is tedious than buying a product. With the product, you can easily get the same options to what you are looking for. But with presentation design services you are unaware of what you will get until the project is almost finished. There may be chances that the final presentation[…]

How to make your PowerPoint presentation stand out?

When you’re putting together the PowerPoint presentation slides, you want them to be engaging. To make them compelling, create a PowerPoint presentation that hooks your audience’s attention and make them participate in the discussion. A boring presentation where the speaker only talks can make the eyes glaze over and deviate the audience’s attention. Make your[…]

Storyboarding for your PowerPoint Presentation

A storyboard is a written or graphic representation of your story which visualizes how your presentation will flow. With storyboarding for your PowerPoint presentation, you can simply write down the type of visual you want. As the trend is moving towards more visually dominant mediums, so presenters have to think more like filmmakers than writers.[…]

Visual storytelling through presentation design

From content to narrative and designing, getting a compelling presentation design takes effort. It is for a presentation design agency to work their magic. Presentation slides should be designed in a manner that represents a purpose, a plan, and a result. Valuable content, right statistical figures, and infographics are sometimes not enough. A PowerPoint presentation[…]

Learn how presentation design agencies merge presentation design with seamless storytelling

There’s a reason why storytelling never gets old. Our brains have an incessant need for a narrative in the form of scripts, maps, schemas, metaphors or mental models. Stories allow human beings to make sense of what is happening around them and which extends to business concepts. Presentation design agencies use the power of storytelling[…]

Why is it important to understand your audience before creating a PPT presentation design?

“There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject; then to get your subject into yourself; and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.” – Alexander Gregg. When you are the speaker who is presenting the presentation, there may be a varied audience with[…]

Four Presentation design principles to set you apart

In today’s world, PowerPoint presentation design holds the most expository messages. While selling a business idea or promoting a social cause, your message can get lost. That is why your PowerPoint presentation should include a carefully thought-through design. You can follow these four presentation design principles when designing your next presentation. They will set you[…]

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