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Storyboarding for your PowerPoint Presentation

A storyboard is a written or graphic representation of your story which visualizes how your presentation will flow. With storyboarding for your PowerPoint presentation, you can simply write down the type of visual you want. As the trend is moving towards more visually dominant mediums, so presenters have to think more like filmmakers than writers. Some of the reasons you should create a storyboard as part of your business presentation design are as follows:

Gives direction

Storyboarding is basically a physical recreation of what your mind has already created first hand. It is the beginning of taking whatever it is there in your mind and using it to build a presentation. While storyboarding for your PowerPoint presentation, you can go wherever you want by being aware of where you’re headed.

Helps to focus on the visuals

Contrary to general perception, a PowerPoint presentation is a combination of mixed media rather than just simple words. A successful presentation uses as much graphics and visuals, as they use words. Storyboarding helps to shift focus from what you want your audience to hear to what you want them to see.

Establishes a narrative flow

Your presentation plot can be highlighted by storyboarding. Very often, we begin to think of our PowerPoint presentation as just a sequence of slides. It is imperative to rather think of it as movements in a story. The narrative details and the flow of the presentation should not be sidelined by thinking just in terms of slides.

Allows to edit freely

Simply ‘composing’ your slides in PowerPoint takes a huge amount of time and effort. This further leads little room for editing your slides freely when you want to. Anyway, a storyboard is just a simple draft of all your PowerPoint slides in a written form. So, it becomes easier to adjust and edit them whenever and however you want.

How to create a storyboard?

You cannot go wrong while creating a storyboard as there is no one way to do it. You can start by putting in a low effort by simply sketching out your ideas on post-it notes. A combination of words and pictures can be used. A word can be put in a few points to remind what you want your audience to feel at that stage. You can also create your storyboard using various apps or programs.

Make sure to put the power of storyboarding while creating your next PowerPoint presentation. It will provide your presentation with a much-needed direction and energy with the help of a visual narrative sequence. You can create great presentations by getting in touch with our PowerPoint presentation design services.