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What should be the length of your next Animated Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are in rage for online marketing and sales optimization, well we all know this fact by now. With these videos flowing all over the internet and on web pages of all businesses, the question is how long 2D animation videos should or others made by using different techniques be?

To figure this out let’s look at what you need to consider first:

-What is the purpose of your animated explainer video?

-Where will it be placed? On a homepage, blog, youtube or on landing-page?

-What desired action you wish the viewers to take after they watch the video?

The third question is actually the most important as it takes your lead to the action.

The attention span of the internet savvy audience is reducing constantly giving momentum to shorter videos as compared to longer ones. Short videos are easy attention grabbers, no doubt but how short should they be? You may consider making a one minute, two, three minutes or even more than that. Knowing how short your animated explainer video should be is important before you approach an animation video company.

Ok so you’ve decided to make one for your business, you must have watched a number of explainer videos to know how they work. But what you must understand is what works for others might not work for you. So, it’s best advised not decide on the length of your video by looking at others’, as that may end up in choosing wrong duration ( shorter or even longer ) that’s not right for your business requirement. As a result you may end up fetching poor returns on the money invested.

To decide on the duration of your business video that’s going to give you the best returns go through these few points to make the job easy.

-What is your video emphasizing? Your product, your business or both?

-Are you a small, medium or large scale business set-up?

-Is the nature of your business simple, complex or deals in offering innovative products?

-Is a lot of explaining and answering of questions required? Basically, what is the nature of your message and how do you want to present it? –

-Maybe with a lot of examples, quotations, endorsements, etc!

-And, last but definitely not the least. What’s your budget?

Now let’s look at some clean, effective ways to solve these business quandaries:

Should be informative in nature, business videos should be crisp in length

The trick is to make it neither too short nor too long. An unnecessarily short one always fails to impress if its sole purpose is to bombard audience’s minds cramped with just information. Similarly, a lengthy video, without a hook element leads to people leaving it without watching it to completion.

The video should always serve a specific purpose

Deciding beforehand the message to be conveyed via the video helps immensely in length selection. If there’s a lot of explaining to do then it’s best not to squeeze everything in one video. This doesn’t go down to well with the audience making it too complex packed with information. Try as much to keep them simple working on one idea at one time. A long message can be broken down into several shorter videos that could be linked with each other.

Keep the content concise

It’s always best to summarize the intended message using shorter sentences to hold the attention of your audience. A crisp, engaging and targeted script is a key to a video’s success.

Tell your story in the first few seconds

If you manage to grab eye-balls of the audience within the first few seconds of the video then your job is done! It’s been seen that first few seconds acts as a decider whether a viewer wants to see the video to completion or not!

Helpful so far? Wait for our next article to know some more driving factors for deciding on the duration of your next animated explainer video.