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How video animation services evolved over the years

Video animation services weren’t popular on television before the 1950s. This was primarily because only after the 1950s did television sets become common in wealthy countries. Video animation services provided for a host of cartoons and thousands of children in the United States spent hours watching them on Sundays. This gave a new life to the cartoons and slowly by the end of the 50s, the production of animations shifted from the big screen and started getting made into TV series. The first few prolific ones like The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo and The Smurfs are still watched.

Why did things change?

Problems erupted quickly because American television had numerous constraints on programming. On top of that, there was a great demand for video animated services to make more content. This led to a decline in quality, boring scripts along limited methods of animation. However, they slowly redeemed themselves with hit series like The Simpsons, which almost came as a renaissance in the history of American animation.

Worldwide production

As American animation got worldwide acclamation and was internationally successful, a lot of the other countries started producing their own animations and numerous video animation creation service and production houses started opening all over the world. A lot of child-orientated animation was produced using puppetry and stop motion.

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The most famous branch of animation

A hugely popular branch of animation emerged in the 1960s known as the Japanese anime. It became internationally renowned and successful and to date, it is held in high regards. Numerous European producers started looking for affordable video animation services and slowly started co-producing animated series with Japanese studios.

How have things changed now?

Nowadays video animation services and production houses aren’t just required for the big screens and television sets and they aren’t just restricted to children. Animation services are being increasingly used to create animated explainer videos on websites to draw in customers.

How are they helpful?

  • These websites smoothen the path of visitors and reduce bounce rates.
  • It strengthens the marketing strategy.
  • Entices customers into pressing play.
  • It is the most cost-effective and profitable way to get audience engagement.

Overall, animated explainer videos have become a very interesting domain for all animated service providers.

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Take a look at the 6 best video animation agencies in India

Explainer videos are a great way to talk about your services and products because they give a visual representation of whatever you have to offer. They offer a user-friendly platform where you can express your worth in minutes with the help of eye-catching graphics and cool animations. In this article, we will look at the best animation agencies in India.


Smarterjon provides one of the best video animation services in Delhi, India. They have produced more than 1,000 videos and all the outputs have satisfied their clients. Their main priority is client satisfaction and they make sure all their videos are top-notch when it comes to quality. They make all kinds of videos- explainer videos, whiteboard video animation services, 2D animation videos, stop motion animation and infographics.


PitchWorx is a creative design agency that creates animated explainer videos with thoughtful messaging. They have created 500+ personalized animation videos to help brands communicate in a persuasive manner. They aim to create the best possible designs according to the guidelines given by the client. The best part is that PitchWorx also supports vernacular requirements to create videos in multiple languages. Live-action videos, screencast videos, character animation, kinetic typography, whiteboard video animation services, PitchWorx does it all.

The name is self-explanatory. is a production house situated in Hyderabad that makes all kinds of videos- both 2D and 3D with impactful animations and graphics. The company is a part of the creative design agency by the name of PixelSutra. 

Blisstro Videos

Blisstro Videos is a video production house located in Delhi that provides digital services video animation. Blisstro has made more than 200 videos to date in a variety of fields. They make animated explainer videos about applications, technology, web series, sports and pet products. Blisstro is known to prioritize customer satisfaction.

Wow makers

Wow makers aren’t your conventional animation agency. It is essentially a digital media studio where a team of artists, video makers and engineers work together to create magic on screen. They are revered in the video production field because of the fine work they’ve done in the past. Wow markers are based out of Kochi, Kerala.

Bot Videos

BotVideos is an animation agency that has storyboard artists, voice-over artists, scriptwriters, animators, designers and musicians. They are based out of Mumbai and are best known for offering quality services at an affordable price.

Tips to make great animated explainer videos

High video engagement is only possible if your animated explainer videos are crafted for the target audience. Such videos comprise the message you want to deliver and the action you want your viewers to take after watching them. If you’re trying to understand video engagement and don’t know what direction to take, we’ve got a bunch of tips that will help you.

Keep the videos short

Animated explainer videos should always finish within the 2-minute time span because shorter videos are always effective for high engagement. Two minutes is the perfect time span because it can include a powerful hook to capture attention, works very well in educating the audience, can provide a call to action and can imbibe 3-4 ideas and tips that resonate with your CTA.

Longer animated explainer videos should have a better structure

In case you have a video that is heavy on information, then it needs to switch different animation styles to become more interesting. When you switch animation seamlessly from whiteboard to motion graphics or 3D, you will notice a high engagement rate. Think of your video in structural terms. The introduction should grab the attention of the viewer in the first three seconds itself. The next part should provide the viewer with a short break from the information overload and the last part- the bridge should always contain the call-to-action.

Make a separate video for each platform

You must always avoid putting the same video on every platform. Each platform runs on different analytics, and the users for each of them are different. An Instagram user might want a short video to get the basic gist and a person on YouTube would want detailed explanations. Everything needs to be decided in the planning stage itself. To increase the average engagement rate, always ensure you answer concerns, pain points and questions you think are relevant. You can always measure the engagement with the help of analytics report and insights.

Have an eye-catching thumbnail

The best way to improve video engagement is to present it in a way that makes people click the play button. An engaging thumbnail with a compelling description that fits within seven words can make a huge difference in the engagement. The best-animated explainer video thumbnails have a little bit of text below a picture that gives a basic gist of what the animation is about. For example, a presentation design agency video will have a PowerPoint thumbnail along with some text on the top or bottom.

Get rid of the dreaded bounce rate with the help of animation services

A lot of companies suffer from the problem of potential customers leaving their website after a mere glance. It almost feels like there’s someone standing at the website preventing you from getting close to your ‘to be’ customers. Animation services have identified this silent enemy.

Bounce Rate

The number one enemy of online marketing is the bounce rate. The power of a bounce rate grows when a visitor comes to your landing page and then disappears in the first few seconds itself, never to come back again. This is a waste of a lead, an engagement, a potential conversation and a probable sale. To get the business up and running, the bounce rate needs to be curbed.

How can you do that?

A reliable source to reduce bounce rates is a video animation creation service with their explainer videos. An animated explainer video basically provides for engagement with your audience and tells them who you are and how you propose to solve the visitor’s problems.

Let’s see how these videos do that

They grab attention immediately

Human beings have an attention span of around 8 seconds. This is the main factor that actually assists the bounce rate.


To get rid of this problem by the root, all you need is an animated marketing video on the landing page and you’ll have the visitor’s attention immediately. Instead of scrolling mindlessly and leaving the page with half-baked information, the information will stay with him for a minute and a half at least instead of just 8 seconds, thanks to the explainer video.

They boost the SEO rates

Let’s get into some statistics. What affects your search rankings on search engines is the amount of time your visitors spend on your website and scroll through it. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how great your services and products are because they won’t come on up on the search engine.


To get to the top rankings, you need the help of a video production and animation services company. With the help of an animated marketing video, you can turn the visitors on your site to customers because a video has 50 per cent more chances of appearing on Google’s first page than just plain text.

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