7 Tips to Create the Perfect Animated Video for Business

Videos are the “it” thing of the twenty-first century. Social media has changed the content scene completely and every business, big and small, is using video and visual content as a part of their marketing strategy. Since no single approach works all the time, marketing strategies use a combination of tactics and content forms and[…]

Here’s How you can Optimise your Video Strategy for Social Media

Videos have become an important part of digital marketing these days. With more online platforms creating a space for video content, it is a great option for businesses to leverage this medium and gain publicity. Social media videos can do so much more than what traditional marketing could achieve.  Let me back my statement with[…]

The 10 Best Animated Explainer Videos of All Time

If you’re reading this, chances are you understand how important video marketing is for building a loyal customer base. There are plenty of ways to raise awareness and inform people how you can solve their problems. However, nothing tops the clarity of a thorough animated explainer video. It’s in fact one of the most crucial[…]

How video animation services evolved over the years

Video animation services weren’t popular on television before the 1950s. This was primarily because only after the 1950s did television sets become common in wealthy countries. Video animation services provided for a host of cartoons and thousands of children in the United States spent hours watching them on Sundays. This gave a new life to[…]

Role of animated explainer videos in bringing out audience emotions

In a single day we tend to feel hundreds of different emotions – each fitting and specific to the physical and social situations we find ourselves in. Video content triggers strong emotional feelings, and by making its right use you can direct the customers to take the action you want them to take. It’s the[…]

3 Facts You Should Know about Animated Explainer Videos

What is one of the most hottest marketing tool? Explainer videos! They are being extensively published on conversion pages of websites. Companies use them at trade shows and also as pre roll ads on Youtube. While it’s possible to make your own promotional corporate videos, there are several reasons why hiring a professional animation video[…]

Here’s How You Choose an Animation Video Company on a Budget

Animation can connect with the audience in a fun, engagingly emotional and highly entertaining way. You can take your audience anywhere with them and that’s the beauty of it. But if you’re working on a budget then there may be difficulty in finally pinning down on an animation video company. With so many ways of[…]

The Importance of Call-to-Action (CTA) in Animated Explainer Videos

Finally your superb explainer video in which you’ve invested in thousand, (or probably more) is ready. Time for investments to pay off in the form of marked up conversions. Let’s say you’ve successfully enticed the viewer to view your animated explainer video till the end. Do you leave it there? Well, now is the time[…]

Keep a few things in mind before creating Animated Explainer Videos

All online marketers want to cut through the cut-throat competition and communicate business messages some in a sensitive way or others may want to through the use of humor and animation. Animated explainer videos definitely lighten up the whole explaining process which tends to become tedious with other mediums. But using cartoons for every project[…]

Live Videos or Animated Explainer Videos? Take your Pick

Online videos are just everywhere. The whole dynamics of marketing has adapted and accepted videos with open arms. Stalwart competition today has opened gates of cutting-edge marketing technologies to reach out to a wide range of clients and customers. Gone are the days of old tried and tested methods of marketing. More and more businesses[…]

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