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Minutes can make or Break Your Animated Explainer Video

From our last article What Should be the Length of your Next Animated Explainer Video, it became clear that if an explainer video on the landing page is too long then no one’s going to watch it. A 2D animation video or an explainer video made in any other technique can garner numerous benefits to a business like the increase in conversion rates, increase in web traffic and most importantly turn viewers into potential customers. If your business video is too lengthy and crammed with too much information chances are you might miss out on those customers.

So, what’s the correct video duration that fetches a full value on the money you’ve invested as well as doesn’t let audience lose its interest in it?

Analytics show that the longer the video the fewer people end up watching it till the end. Instead, keep it short, direct and specific. Let the message reach the audience as early as possible by introducing your product/service at the start.

For the proper understanding of how duration plays a vital role in the overall impact, the business video finally creates on its target audience let’s look at a minute-wise bifurcation of videos.

A one-minute video is for:

A one-minute video does everything from explaining main pain points to what you should do, and how you should do it really quick. So, businesses with less complex content, dealing with simple products with no heavy-duty explanations should go for a one-minute video. It’s best suited for industries providing products and services that are simple like for eg; transportation or educational sectors. Also, it’s best for videos where no voice-over is involved.

A two-minute video is for:

This explainer video type also is created along the same lines as that of a one-minute duration video. The only difference is that here everything is done in detail. The pain points are given time to ensure generally with a character in the story. The character is shown dealing with them and how the offered product/service benefits and aids relief from those pains.

Businesses with simple yet interactive products should go for a two-minute explainer video deal. Simple products involving more explanation like a funding or agri-business proposal, where not just the product but the process of how they work also needs to be explained.

A three-minute or more video is for:

A three-minute or more video type suits best businesses dealing in complex, innovative products/services such as banking or insurance sector. Concepts that not just need a detailed explanation on every aspect, but wish to back it up with facts, figures and customers feedbacks, a three-minute explainer video is helpful to them. Also if you want to market the video on an offline platform or within an organization this video type is for you.

Next time, you go to an Animation video company for a business video along with the purpose in mind you also should know that less is always more for effective communication.