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Think Before you Approach an Animation Video Company

You’ve been with us from our last article Make that perfect 2D animated video with the right animation video company. In this article, you will learn some additional factors you must keep in mind before you sign up with a 2D animation studio for an explainer video.

Factual Testimonials

What do past clients have to say about the animation studio? Reviews, ratings, recommendations, and testimonials on thier wesites or LinkedIn profiles help determine this.
Doing, this gives you the confidence to choose the production house without any hesitation.

Coherence and Responsibility

A good animation studio will guide you properly when it comes to selection of style for the video ( whiteboard animation, motion graphics, character animation ), duration and much more for the video.

You know your company/brand better but a good studio will have expertise in the field. Make it a point to listen to their recommendations even incase of disagreement. There are cases when an excellent video is required in a short time the entire team works together, but otherwise a vendor which agrees to everything the client says lacks in giving quality products.

What’s your bugdet?

How much do you want to spend on your explainer video? Well, if you’re a startup or a company with low-budget then it’s best for you to hire a freelancer, who’ll take the entire production from script-writing to post-production.

Next option is you can use one of the high-quality templates available. But doing that there’s always a risk that the pre-made template has already been used in a video by another company.
But if you have no budget constraints and you want to be a stand out then go ahead and hire a studio. Search with keywords like “ startup videos “, “ 2D animated videos “ , “ corporate videos “, etc.

Big studios are laden with an expert team of professionals like scriptwriters, illustrators, directors, voice-over specialists, animators and post-producers.

An integrated Aftermath

Ok. Your video is now ready! Will the company help your video get the correct platform as a marketing tool? Where will you upload the video? What will be the language used? Do you want other versions of the video with different calls-to-action ( CTA’s )? All production company have customized ways of handling extra service, they should fully understand your requirements and your audience’s needs.

Did the animation studio of your choice pass the checklist? If yes, then go ahead and create that perfect explainer video for your business. You’re safe and good to go!