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The Importance of Call-to-Action (CTA) in Animated Explainer Videos

Finally your superb explainer video in which you’ve invested in thousand, (or probably more) is ready. Time for investments to pay off in the form of marked up conversions. Let’s say you’ve successfully enticed the viewer to view your animated explainer video till the end. Do you leave it there? Well, now is the time for a Call-to-Action (CTA). Strategically, brands produce content that’s extremely entertaining always leaving the audience hungry for more. When a video reaches a point where the audience is convinced of the brand that’s when a CTA comes in.

With the bulk animated explainer videos with a call-to-action for each how do you decide which the best fit is for you? Let’s get to it now!

1. While browsing the internet, we always come across a “click here”, “submit” or a “buy now button”. Over the last few years the online marketing communities have come up with diverse ways to make the CTA’s no less than art. Irresistible and creative offers for the consumers to visualize what happens next after they “click”.

CTA’s in animated explainer videos ask the viewers to “learn more” or “try now” instructing them to take action ultimately to start spinning and make money. Follow a few tips to know which call-to-action perfectly fits your animated explainer video bill.

If the viewers are watching the videos at social networking sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe or Facebook then driving traffic to your website is compulsory. In this case using annotations is a good idea to avoid distractions. The viewer should not move away and stick to your video. A “visit our page” can be a good CTA here.

2. Once your animated explainer video lands on your website, it’s time to take the next step. The video should have your desired call-to-action, i.e; the action you want the viewers to take. They should convert from viewers to customers after watching the CTA. A strong
one like a “Download now”, or “Join our campaign” or a “Add to your cart”.

3. Sometimes offering the audience to watch more videos like, “Subscribe us to watch more videos like this” can be a good idea. Viewers can be encouraged to be in touch via emails or call or both, maybe. Having more than one Call-to-action at the end of your animated explainer videos is a good idea any day.

4. Remember not to make use of CTA’s that are not helpful in promoting your animated explainer videos. A simple “Join me now” button at the end of the video where a visitor is stuck and doesn’t know how to respond and cannot enter the website, is always a bad option. Avoid giving lengthy form to fill as that is also not a good idea to consider as it creates a pressure on the visitor which eventually leads him/her to leave the page and go someplace else.

Some good CTA’s

Ask people to join conversation at your discussion board maybe through committed hash tag. Start a poll that’ll pull the viewer’s attention.
You can offer a free trial or discount coupons. After the first free trial ask them to signup for the next tutorials if its being done on a regular basis.

Whether you’re looking to boost your visibility, sell your product, make profit or are simply giving out useful information, the purpose with which you’re creating an animated explainer video should always match the call-to-action for best desired results.