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Things that could go terribly wrong with Animated Explainer Videos

With being in great demand and rightly so, animated explainer videos are outstanding tools for promotion and sales conversion. But, mistakes in its production can cost you a deal and can turn your marketing dream into a real nightmare.

Don’t worry, we are not trying to scare you here, but things that can go wrong and should never be overlooked include simply a badly made video, poorly written script or making a mistake in choosing an animation studio. Consider them and try to stay away from a few mistakes which are likely to be made in animated explainer video production.

Mistake No. 1: Too Long, You’re Gone

You might be tempted to go ahead and say a lot about your brand, product or service but try not to do that. Try and restrict the duration of your video or else there are high chances that audiences will feel bored and leave failing your marketing content miserably. A 90 – second video is always recommended which comes to about 240 words in a script. Short animated explainer videos are highly effective and leave a longer impression on the audience.

Mistake No. 2: Miss the Target Audience and you’re Dead

You’re making the explainer video with a target audience in mind. So if you miss that section of audience then the whole effort of video production goes in vain. Not just that chances are that it may even reflect a negative impact on your brand.

While watching the video the member of the target audience must at once understand that it’s been made especially for him/her. The video should talk about them otherwise why would one be interested in watching it?

For that, the characters, background and theme should be designed keeping them in mind as your main aim. This way you’ll instantly connect with your audience, show you know them and this animated explainer video is especially for them.

Mistake No. 3: A low quality video can kill your Brand

An animated marketing video is a representation of your brand so it simply cannot afford to be of low quality. A business that ignores its own brand image fails to gain trust of its customers which directly results to loss in sales. Never compromise on quality. Give extra thought on selection of the animation video company that’s going to do your job. Even if they take longer time in production of your video be it and let them do justice to your animated video.

Steer clear from these typical mistakes and your excellent animated explainer video fulfilling all your marketing objectives should sail high on the marketing sky! Good luck.