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Where are you planning to put your Animated Explainer Video?

The stage’s been set. Your perfect explainer for business is ready. All the elements like script, storyboard, music, voice-over in explainer video, editing etc, have come out played their parts and everything’s in place now. Right?

Wrong! No matter how well an animated explainer video has been made, it’s a total waste if people don’t see it. Sad but true!! That’s exactly where most brands falter. The amount of money they spend on making the video, not even a little of that is spent on thinking about what to do with the final product. Well, folks it’s time to market your video. And if you’re caught up in a bit of a fix then you’ve knocked on the right door for advice. Brace yourself and get ready to market your videos.

Number 1: Where will you Place it on your Site

Where is your animated explainer video going to be placed? Well, if you don’t have a definite answer to this question then place it somewhere where it adds most value for your potential customers. This completely depends upon where the main focus of your website lies and also a great deal upon the content of the video. Placing the videos on places where most of the visitors drop off can lead to a successful transaction, which is the main aim of having a website in the first place. Conversion is what you’re targeting at then you might want to place your video on the front or center position. That’s where it has a great chance of grabbing maximum attention.

Mobile Optimization

M-commerce is a huge market that you can dive into and take full advantage of. Mobile optimization is not something to give a miss and for that your video has to be in a mobile-friendly format. A HTML5 video player is a must for the video to play across all devices, It’s the latest version of HTML and comes with better multimedia functionality.

Because of this added functionality Apple, and other Android manufacturers have decided to abort support for Flash on mobile devices. So if you want your animated explainer video to play on iPads and iPhones then you must have a HTML5 player.

Distribute the Video to the Places

Before talking about the placement, think about why you made the video in the first place. Based on the goals you’re trying to achieve with the marketing campaign videos should be placed on the website.

Some videos are made with the sole motive to increasing web traffic and keep them there. For this you have to employ a secure hosting platform and embed the video directly on the page.

Next if you’re animated explainer video’s goal is to raise brand awareness then you’ll have to distribute the video in places where it’s likely to get maximum amount of visibility. And of course, Youtube should be at the top of the priority list for that. But don’t limit yourself, make sure your explainer is present across all your owned, paid and earned platforms. The more people see your video the more it will be shared like a cycle. More views – more shares – more views! Give people a reason to like, view and share your video. Keep the tone of entertainment high as videos that are too promotional with and scream to be sold are not liked by the audience.

We hope these few tips is highly beneficial to your marketing campaign simply remember where you place your animated explainer video is equally important as how well it’s made.