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The 10 Best Animated Explainer Videos of All Time

If you’re reading this, chances are you understand how important video marketing is for building a loyal customer base. There are plenty of ways to raise awareness and inform people how you can solve their problems. However, nothing tops the clarity of a thorough animated explainer video. It’s in fact one of the most crucial components of sending out video messages for branding, informing, educating, and engaging. It’s no secret that clarity is the key to conversions.

Examples of the 10 Best Animated Explainer Videos

The past decade is proof of explainer videos dominating video content marketing. Whether it’s marketing, sales, or training, plenty of companies have been leveraging their superpowers. It’s safe to say that explainer videos have emerged as a necessity in the marketing world. However, their scope is pretty vast, and coming up with stellar content for animated explainer videos can be challenging. 

But what if you could draw some inspiration on how your video content should look like? On that note, here are some handpicked examples of the 10 best animated explainer videos of all time. Let’s take a detailed look.

  1. Mint

No matter who is your target audience is, it’s an easy guess that they would like short and sweet videos with simple explanations. That’s exactly what Mint did when they were getting started.

By offering their audience a quick overview of how they can help them, they managed to generate the first spark of curiosity and interest among them. First, they addressed a daily inconvenience, that is maintaining an account. 

As the video progressed, viewers got an insight into the benefits and features. With a minimal color scheme, they guided the viewers through an appealing journey.

  1. Slack

Slack did an amazing job of demonstrating how the target audience can benefit from their products to relieve the pressures and stresses of their workdays. The brand included relatable situations in its bright, creative, and enticing animation. Since they weren’t excessively promotional from the beginning, the audience was hooked.

  1. Headspace

Headspace is an app that specializes in meditation. In their animated explainer video, the company included humor and aesthetic 2D animations to explain how the product works. On top of that, a crystal clear and soothing voice-over, smooth transitions, and easy-to-grasp instructions further enhanced its functionality.

  1. Mesosphere/D2iQ

Mesosphere, now known as D2iQ has made information a treat for their audience in the form of an animated explainer video. With the help of isometric animations, they have used smooth transitions and accurate symmetry to effectively explain how their service works. The corporate explainer video uses a minimalistic color scheme, thus, making eye candy for the target audience.

  1. Apple

The technology superhero is known for bringing out its brand message in the most creative and simple ways possible. In their video stating every product to be carbon neutral by 2030, Apple has used funky images, animated text, and high-quality live-action shots. The video states that they have made an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint which is a big step towards preserving the environment.

  1. McDonald’s

In 2021, McDonald’s released an animated explainer video for their new app. While the rest of the world was arguing whether McDonald’s is a hamburger or real estate business, they stealthily made strides in creating one of the best animated explainer videos! 

The character lead and bold animation effectively did the job of showing customers how they could claim deals on their mobile app. The background is simple, and the characters are appealing which retains the attention of the viewer and prompts an action.

  1. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg’s animated explainer video is one of the best examples of video marketing. With minimalistic elements, its sufficient to keep the audience hooked. It has a vintage look and a single character interacting with different elements. When this video came out, even Neil Patel admitted to how much it helped to increase his company’s revenue.

  1. Google

Google released an animation explainer video with the aim to encourage users to satisfy their queries. When the pandemic hit, there was a lot of confusion surrounding the new normal. From vaccines and quarantine to postponed gatherings and open places, people wanted to know answers. Google conveyed that they could get those answers with a quick search using the simplest animated explainer video.

  1. HubSpot

Considering the wide variety of marketing tools HubSpot has for businesses, explaining every feature sounds time-consuming. However, with their killer animation explainer video, they provide ample clarity on what their platform does within 3 minutes. Even though they’re now pioneers in video marketing, this simple explainer video is as popular as it was when it first came out!

  1. Microsoft office 365

Microsoft released an animated explainer video explaining how it’s latest whiteboard feature works. The 30-second video boasts simplicity and aesthetically throws light on the benefits Microsoft Whiteboard has to offer. 

The tactful use of animals and characters imparts a funky feel to the video. This makes the demonstration of the product they were trying to advertise interesting and appealing.

Summing It Up

Your audience has got problems and you can solve them. But before that, it’s important for your target customers to understand how it’s all going to work. Informing and engaging are two primary areas in which explainer videos come into the picture.

They help spread awareness about your product among your target audience. They succinctly and quickly explain your services and products with appealing visuals and an easy-to-understand explanation. However, the entire success of your video marketing efforts depends on the quality of videos you send out. There are a lot of intricacies involved to achieve the perfect output, it’s a wise move to opt for video animation services online.

PitchWorx is a creative design agency that offers animation video services in India. They follow a combination of iterative, collaborative, and subjective approach towards video animation services. 

In the end, it’s all about a tactful blend of content and design to bring the best face of your brand out there. That’s the main reason why it’s better to go for one of the leading and credible video animation companies instead of opting for the DIY method!