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Animation Agency | Everything You Need to Know About Motion Graphics

Graphics are the most powerful way to communicate a concept. For decades, businesses have been using different types of graphics to enhance their customer reach. There was a time when no animation agency existed. Plain old text was the only way for businesses to get their messages out there.

But as the use of visuals in marketing gained traction, this field has been bombarded with innovations. Now it’s safe to say that videos are the most appealing form of marketing. The use of motion graphics can result in a 90% increase in leads.

Building on that, we are going to take an in-depth look at motion graphics, how businesses can benefit from them, and what goes into making a flawless motion graphics video. Here’s everything you need to know about motion graphics. Let’s dig in.

Animation Agency | What are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is an important branch of video advertising and marketing that involves the movement of different visual elements. They comprise different shapes, both 2D and 3D with relevant text and useful narration. Some other important components include vibrant and attention-catching colors, engaging content, and high-quality sound effects.

Types of Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are broadly classified into two categories. Let’s take a look.

1.   Live-Action Videos

Most movies and advertisements have live-action videos with motion graphics. Even though we see characters, there are usually some computer-generated graphics around. For example, statistics next to a character offering detailed information is a form of animated graphics.

2.   Animated Motion Graphics

Animated motion graphics offer videos with designs and text only. These graphics transform with different movements. Most firms use this combination of graphics and text accompanied by narration to offer insights about their services or products.

Shooting videos with real people requires more time and money. Not to mention the cost of high-tech equipment and camera crew can quickly add up. An animation agency can help businesses get the same message out there through motion graphic videos without costing that much money and time.

What Goes Into Making a Good Motion Graphic Video?

Making a great motion graphics video involves intricate skills and a certain level of expertise. While the task is best left to an animation agency, here are some elements that go into making a good motion graphic video.

1.   Simplicity

Less is more is a principle that applies here. A good video animation company knows how to convey a brand’s exact message without bombarding customers with loads of information. Mastering advanced techniques can help create minimalistic motion graphic videos.

2. Perfect Sense of Timing

Motion graphics contains timed movements of the elements involved. It creates a rhythmic visual that’s catchy.

3.   Text

Did you know that most people watch content on mute? This means the text is a vital component in a motion graphics video that a good 2D animation company never overlooks. Select the color scheme according to the message to be conveyed.

4.   Audio

Have you ever felt a rush of empowerment after listening to a motivational video? While the message is important, the powerful sound effect can fuel you up with motivation. Similarly, soft sounds leave a calming effect on meditation videos. Graphics will not serve their purpose without appropriate sounds.

5.   Playback Speed

People have different grasping speeds. Therefore, your motion graphic video has to be customized. Customers should also have the option to change the playback speed. Select a suitable pace and your audience can pace up or slow down according to their convenience.


Motion graphic videos are a combination of art and technology. It’s no secret that they can be a game-changer for a business when it comes to enhancing customer reach and building a loyal audience base. The entertainment factor in motion graphic videos is a cherry on top!

But, to create an appealing motion graphics video that blows everyone’s mind, it’s best to leave it to the pros. There are so many intricacies and skillsets involved, it can hog up a lot of time if you adopt the DIY approach. A good video animation company understands specific business requirements and creates a motion graphics video to bring the best face of a brand in front of its target audience.