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Learn How You Can Use SEO In Marketing Different Types of Explainer Videos

Considering the undeniable importance of appealing business videos, video marketing has been gaining more traction. The final product has to be phenomenal, and it is if you have opted for the best animated explainer video company for your project. 

But even if you cover the most crucial types of explainer videos as a part of your video marketing efforts, the hustle can easily go in vain if you fail to effectively promote it. Did you know that you can increase your conversions by a whopping 80% by featuring a video on one of your landing pages? Explainer videos are highly engaging and productive as it is. In fact, 77% of viewers prefer them over text.

To attract, delight, interact and engage with potential customers, you need to promote your explainer videos by focusing on SEO and other marketing tactics. Building on that, here are the top 10 tips to help video marketers promote explainer videos with a special emphasis on SEO. Let’s read more.  

  • Write Content-Specific Title and Description

Instead of blindly replicating the title of the page featured in the video, make sure it reflects the content. Pick a compelling, relevant, yet simple title. Since Google is increasingly becoming smarter, it understands synonyms. 

While it’s preferable to have the focus keyword in the title and description, you don’t need to fret over it. If you have a random name as the title, the best way is to edit it as soon as you upload your video.

  • Optimize The Thumbnail

No matter how good your video is, if your thumbnail is unappealing, your audience is unlikely to click to watch the video. Even though we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but in video marketing, people judge the video by its thumbnail!

It’s advisable to have a custom thumbnail that has a human face. The image should be high quality and engaging. It would even be better if the human on the thumbnail has an expression that matches with the context of the video.

  • Include Video Transcripts and Captions

When you merge text with video, it increases your reach. Not only that but transcripts also enable search bots to scrap your videos, thanks to the additional text. This helps your content rank for an increased number of queries since transcripts usually create a page copy. 

While search engines can’t watch a video with their own eyes, bots can certainly crawl and enhance code and text. The added benefit is that your viewers won’t bother others with loud audio if they are able to see text along with your video.

  • Keep Your Page Relevant to Your Video

Besides optimizing the video for SEO, you need to make sure to do the same with the page featuring it. If you’re embedding a video on a page, the content of the video has to relate to that of the page. Don’t just throw on videos on any generic and random page.

  • Prioritize One Video Per Page

While there’s no harm in including different types of explainer videos on a page, remember that Google usually indexes only one. Therefore, ideally, you should be embedding the video you wish to rank. 

If you are including multiple videos, embed the one you want to rank before others. The reason is that search engine crawlers don’t usually crawl for videos after the first one on the page

  • Add Share Buttons

Having share buttons added to the different types of explainer videos you included increases your social media reach. Think about it. Most people start and end their day on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook. When there is a share button that is easily accessible, viewers can easily share your videos with other like-minded individuals.

If marketing heaven exists, email and videos are the best match made. When you add a video thumbnail in an email, it’s likely to boost engagement. A video thumbnail also increases click-through rates and enhances interactivity with your platform.

  • Share Video On Discussion Forums and Other Online Communities

Suppose you made a 2D explainer video about increasing conversion rates. Discussions are going on about that subject on Quora, Reddit, or other similar platforms. When you provide relevant information according to already existing queries, you can give your video marketing efforts the desired boost. 

You can also engage with people in online communities and discussion forums in your niche. This establishes your authenticity and credibility as an expert and people start taking your content more seriously.

  • Promote Your Videos on Every Social Platform

Yes, leave no stone unturned when it comes to promoting different types of explainer videos. Be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, and so on, cover as many social platforms as possible while promoting your video.

  • Create Excellent Call to Actions

When your CTA is actionable, appealing, and simple, attracting visitors and converting them into promising leads becomes a breeze. If the quality of your explainer video is good enough to stop viewers in their tracks, they’re most likely to click on that CTA button to get more information about your services and products. You can also check out some explainer video templates for readymade CTA buttons.

Summing It Up

In a world where website SEO and promotion get the most hype, it’s easy to overlook the same components for video. Therefore, it’s important to keep the above 10 tips in mind to promote different types of explainer videos for better brand reach. 

However, you should also take into account that creating exemplary explainer videos demands time resources, skill, talent, and strategy. Business owners don’t have the time to cater to different factors involved in video creation. So how about focusing on growing conversions, sales, and revenue while the pros at PitchWorx create stunning and conversion-oriented explainer videos?

Remember, the quality of your videos has to be top-notch to get the full worth of your video marketing and promotional efforts. So what are you waiting for? Combine state-of-the-art videos with proven promotional strategies now. Get ready to welcome an increased customer base, more conversions, and a better return on your investments!