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Create a Bang on Explainer Videos for Business

A video is taking content marketing by storm. Why? Because let’s be honest, instead of reading about a product or service we’re interested in, isn’t it much cooler, faster and easier to see it in a video within 60-90 seconds? A good explainer video simply “hooks” the audience and your business familiar to them. So if you want a smack 2d animation video on your landing page, that drives sales, describes your business, it essential to nail it the first time.

Here’s how you create an explainer video that’s a killer

Script is the Hero

It’s not about the video, it’s all about the script. Even if you have a great animation team waiting to create magic with the video of the highest quality, if the script’s not good it’ll never convert. Go outside, have an outsider with a completely new outlook towards your business write the script, in a way that everyone understands the idea/concept being told in the video.

Some professional video studios even make a client fill out a creative brief first. This definitely helps, as you yourself look at your business from another level that needs to be projected in the video.

Keep it short

The less you say, the better! We know it’s an explainer video and there’s so much you want to tell the audience, but remember that the video acts as an overview or “hook” of your business that ropes in the audience. Generally the industry norm is 150 words per minute. An audience is able to read it fast, but there’s always time needed to breathe and time for the message to sink in. And there goes without saying, the longer the video the less it’s likely to be seen completely.
Trying to explain everything about a product can be a tough part but the trick is to keep the script short and terse.

The length of an explainer videos for business has also a major role, even a single  minute can make OR break your explainer video

KISS… Wait ! (Keep it Simple Silly)

When you’re trying to keep the script short it needs to remain simple. The focus should be laid on 4 things:

The problem – Hit the note by addressing the pain of your customer right at the beginning in about 0 to 20 seconds. The sooner you do that the more likely the viewer pays attention as its their problem that you’re talking about.

The solution – Once you do that, introduces your product or service as the answer to their problems in the next 5 seconds. Doing this, the audience needs to know the solution, as they’re hooked by now!

How it works – Now, simply describe how your product works or how to get started. This can be tricky but the more you do this in an easy manner the more it benefits the viewership of your video. Keep it to a maximum of the next 25 seconds.

A call to action – Tell people what they need to do next and remember not to stretch it longer than 10 seconds.

So, there you go you’ve got yourself a 60 seconds long explainer video!

Concentrate on Benefits, not the Features 

The fallback can be when you’re tempted to show off all the features as possible of your products, whether it’s a mobile app or a web service. But what really matters to the customers is what better benefits do they receive from a product or a service with other options available to them. Or to put it simply How Are You Different than the Rest?

So instead of tiring them by talking about technical nonsense, tell them how their lives are going to get better with your offering.

Next comes in a Professional Voice

No matter how good a video is made visually, a bad audio always kills it. Some of the biggest mistakes have been made when the audio doesn’t compliment the visuals due to lack of a professional voice. There are a lot of good sites where you get quality, experienced voice-over artist.

And, last but not the least don’t forget to have fun, do something out-of-the-box, something wacky, a never seen before kind of thing and your explainer video is bound to go a long way!