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Why Animated Videos Should be a Part of Marketing Plans in 2016

As one of the most cost-effective marketing tool, many business firms are still ignoring, despite of it being such a powerful resource. Let’s list out some of the reasons why using animated videos will enhance your marketing initiatives.

It’s like a magnet to your website

The technique of placing a video, especially in animation on your website, attracts potential customers no less than a magnet. This brings a boost in your the time a viewer generally spends on your website by 8 seconds up to 2 minutes on an average, all the while bringing tremendous benefits to your SEO efforts.

For that personal experience

Personalized animated videos that are specially custom-made to suit audience’s needs, requirements and buying habits are also are also doing the rounds on many websites these days. That’s exactly how you generate strong identification towards your brand and product.

Create Brand awareness

What do you think is the best way to show off your culture and your brand? animated videos anyday! They are simply best to explain business ideas in just matter of seconds. And when you use colors of that represent your brand then this creates enhanced awareness.

Medium of storytelling

Videos are educational, informational and entertaining all at the same time. Animated Videos are like these modern storytellers and can easily trigger an emotional reaction. Their powerful storytelling help companies reach out to their potential audience. When the business proposition is in video format, it becomes very easy to remember them.

Easy persuasion

While Trying to figure out why animated videos are such good persuaders, what we realized is because it involves both visual and auditory senses, it has a much stronger effect on the human mind. Any content that’s in audiovisual format is always engaging and influencing. Animated Videos are fun, stylish, attractive and appealing like no other medium of entertainment.

Add a human touch to your brand

Personal and close communication can be done brilliantly by videos and no other channel has the ability to do so, like a video does it. It stimulates trust and strengthens customer and brand relationship. It helps more if the animated video consists of characters, it adds a human touch and fosters to the emotional needs of the target audience.

Animated videos are mobile-friendly

The world is getting mobile, you can literally anyone, anywhere with the power of videos. Content in a video is 100% mobile-friendly and you’ll be losing a big opportunity if you miss this channel. You can always optimize your animated videos for mobile devices. The audience is always looking forward to getting a great experience after watching a video no matter which medium they choose to engage with your content.

Are you still waiting? Hurry, and start using the power of animated videos to reach customers and experience all the benefits they bring to your business in 2016.