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Tips on How to Market Your Explainer Video Everywhere

Right now we’re sure that explainer video that’s been freshly baked is the greatest marketing promotional tool at your disposal at the moment. It not just explains a product but serves other purposes as creating a brand identity, represents a brand across the web the same way your website design and logo do.

What we at PitchWorx, an animation video company that lives to create videos and narrate business stories, feel that keeping these video inbound and not strategically sharing them can shorten their shelf-life and also diminish their effectiveness. Especially, when these explainer video are highly flexible and can seamlessly integrate with any marketing campaign that’s available today in the market. Let’s see how that works:

The language of the video should be that of the target audience

Targeting the audience is not always done on the basis of the gender, age and interests, but also on the location. If the explainer video is created in the language of the target audience, then it will appeal to them more directly, and also you get to quickly analyse your marketing strategy before investing in a new market.

For that you don’t need to make a brand new video. You can simply translate your animated explainer video in the language of the new market your product is going to be launched. All you need to do is ask the animation video company you’re working with to redo the voice-over adjust it to the on-screen visuals. Simply by doing this, your video gets focussed on a specific audience in the market.

Use identity of your explainer video identity for branding in social media

Do you use social media channel for your business? The answer must be Yes! Well, you need to keep modifying the design of different media channel covers to fit one integrated look. Doing this, your brand gets a visual identity visible on various social media channels. It generates awareness of your brand in the online market. Explainer videos give identity to your brand and when you use the same consistent colors, design and characters, it gets represented across all social network. This builds trust and confidence amongst the audience.

Share and promote your video everywhere 

Explainer videos are not just meant to be pasted on landing page or home page. Share it extensively on social media. Some of the social media platforms often offer video promotion services. This will distribute your animated videos to audiences sitting far and beyond. Don’t shy away from utilizing these videos as marketing tools as they have a great impact on when used on blogs, newsletters and guest blogging posts.

So, next time you make a marketing explainer video with an animation video company then don’t forget to integrate it with all your online campaign.