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2016 Will be the Year of Video Ads

The concept of video ads is not new. All popular such as Youtube, Bing and Facebook provide video hosting options. However, what’s new in 2016 is that the trend will be a lot different since Google is finally set to get into in-SERP video advertising. This sign indicates that more and more users have become accepting of online video ads. With the growing trend users can expect more and more of video ads on various pop-up platforms and even the most unexpected places.

And now since Google owns Youtube, the trends suggest:

:- Video ads will be the dominating factor in 2016
:- Many virtual reality devices are ready to emerge
:- Mobile devices will start dominating desktop completely
:- App indexing will help bring about more apps into the market.

In the next four years to come, it is expected the boom in digital ads will make them the leaders in global media growth. This will account for 33% of the total revenue generated from advertising. Internet advertising is estimated to grow from a shocking $ 133 billion to $ 195 billion. By the year 2018, internet advertising will most likely take over TV ads completely.

Current video marketing trends worldwide

1: India

India positions at number 2, right after the US, when it comes to video platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. The estimated revenue that is generated from digital advertising in India is $ 1,235.1 in the year 2015. The greatest plunge has been seen in mobile advertising with skyrocketing statistics from IDC having revealed that the ratio of smartphone and feature phone grew tremendously and with this more and more data has started becoming accessible on mobile devices.

If we look at the urban internet users in India, around 67% have access to mobile internet. When we talk about the rural internet users, then around 40% have access to mobile internet. Over 36% of mobile data in India consists of video content. There also has been an almost 100% increase in the number of marketers who use video ads in their digital campaigns. At this rate, India is on the running to become a global forerunner when it comes to video marketing.

2. United Kingdom

A revenue worth $ 9,968.8 has been generated through digital advertising in the UK in the year 2015. More than 20 million people within the UK are known to view at least one video per week from either of the one social media channels such as Youtube and Facebook.

3. Israel

Internet revenues from video ads are expected to increase drastically in the country since mobile ads alone in the country represent 20.6% spent on advertising last year in the world. The future growth is expected to come from an increase in video display advertising, the growth of which is expected at 19%.

Now that you know how video ads are going to rule big this year and in the future years to come, it’s better to set aside a budget for making video ads campaigns and digital marketing.