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Keep a few things in mind before creating Animated Explainer Videos

All online marketers want to cut through the cut-throat competition and communicate business messages some in a sensitive way or others may want to through the use of humor and animation. Animated explainer videos definitely lighten up the whole explaining process which tends to become tedious with other mediums. But using cartoons for every project is not necessary and may not even be appropriate.

It’s imperative to keep a few crucial things in mind when crafting an animated video to steer clear from the road of being offensive. Be careful with animation as the effect the video has on the audience directly depends upon the choice you make.

Consider these few tips as part of the marketing video plan using animation.

Who is your target audience?

No matter what the context of your content is, creation of promotional videos depends on how defined your market is. Sometimes the same product promotion may requires different sets of adverts that appeal to different segments of the market. The animation as well as content of the video varies on the basis of the viewers.

Know the characteristics of your target audience

Each and every target customer will have different characteristics and different behavioral pattern. It is largely based on four vital elements: social, cultural, personal and physical. Others include demographics to ethnicity to sexual orientation. Delve into the bigger picture and select animation that does not offend anyone. Animation can mellow down anything that’s close to offensive twisting it in satire. But for example when it comes to a sensitive topic like religion then nothing can be predicted.

Play it safe or be creative

Deciding on the animation style for video creation is the most important part of the process. Once that’s done, then consider what turn your creativity will take. A satirical storyline with special effects and innovative animation techniques results in a highly engaging video with all elements in right proportion.

Showing violence in the videos even in the mildest form can be highly offensive. Be it in animation or live video style, its better to not include in your explainer videos. If you’re working with animated characters keep them as diverse as possible without being race, religion, sex, age and demographics specific. Doing so may garner negative response for your product.

Where will your video be placed

Once your video is ready, where you place it also matters a lot, as it’s not only within the reach of adults but children and minors too. An animated content that’s not meant for young minds may prove to be highly offensive. Children are generally drawn to animation with influential minds. So give a good thought about boundaries, the marketing aim and the marketing channels to be used.

These tips may help you create successful and great explainer videos for business in the future. Good luck!