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Everything you want to know about an explainer video production company

An explainer video production company helps to describe your products or services in an engaging manner. It turns complex ideas into compelling visuals. With video marketing recognized as the most efficient marketing practice, more businesses are moving towards using a video in their marketing plan. Here is all you should know about an animated explainer video production company.

Are templates helpful?

When an explainer video production company is starting out, they incorporate scenes manually with the help of ready-made presets for faster animation. To make a low budget 2d animation, the best explainer video production companies use these presets. Choose a template based on the requirements that your project carries. This not only saves a lot of production costs but also cuts down on time.

Do you really need so many animators?

An animated explainer video production company employs a large number of animators because animation is all about art that allows for the illusion of movement to be created. This cannot be done by a small team. Everything from creating visual imagery to adding the background and foley sound at appropriate places is done by animators.

How is the style chosen?

An animation video made by a renowned product explainer video production company that stretches for more than 15 minutes requires the coming together of quite a number of animators. The method used to make the videos depends on the style the client wants from an animated explainer video production company and also the kind of style the company has been developing for years now.

Screenwriters in animation

Traditionally animated films have always been different from live-action films. After the synopsis stage, animated films were developed with the help of the storyboard format. At that time storyboard artists were also scriptwriters. It was only at the beginning of the 1960s that animated video production services actually started hiring screenwriters to write the screenplays for the animations.

Features of an animated video

One of the main roles of an animated explainer video is instruction. The clarity and malleability it come with, allow for exaggeration so as to change reality and showcase strong emotions.

The power of animation

An animated video is so powerful; it has been used widely in the past for war propaganda. Explainer video production company and studios like Disney and Warner Brothers gave their cartoons for propaganda to let the public know about the numerous war values. Countries like the United Kingdom, China and Japan actually produced feature-length animations to showcase the efforts they were putting into war.

Know how are animated explainer videos and storytelling interlinked

Human beings have an insatiable hunger for knowing new things, more so in today’s day and age of animated explainer videos. Every day we want to learn something new, we want to hear new stories. Stories for us are a very important means to share knowledge, concepts and ideas. But they aren’t new. Stories have been around since ancient times, compelling and engaging us to understand everything that goes on around us. Know why storytelling is the most important thing about animated explainer videos.

Animated explainer videos rely essentially on storytelling which allows companies to make their product/service reach the right audience. Stories are easily remembered and the best part about them is that they can be illustrated.

How do people respond to stories and how an explainer video production company helps?

A human brain knows what storytelling is all about and therefore is familiar with the process. This is because human beings constantly think of things in a narrative structure. Thought and language, both follow the storytelling pattern.

A lot of experts out there believe that we have a natural inkling to learn new things through a proper narrative. This is why a good animation requires a great script and a good storyboard that can appeal to the target audience. This entire process aims at bridging the gap between the company and the viewers. Animated explainer videos are great to mix the power of storytelling with the look of visual media.

What do you need to have in your important animated video by an explainer video production company?

The story you’re going to write should be something that comes from the customer’s need or has a storyline that projects how those needs can be fulfilled. Getting your story to the target audience will increase your visibility and will increase the conversion rates for the company.

You can change a lot of things by switching the mode of storytelling to a simple explainer video instead of a document. That way you will not just have a part of the customer’s attention but the whole of it.

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Types of animated explainer videos for a startup

There are always certain types of videos that are more marketable than others, this also means that there are different kinds of market objectives and therefore different videos for those objectives. To make sure you get the best animated explainer videos for a startup by an explainer video production company, we’ve compiled a list of the types that would suit your company.

3D Animation

If you’re a start-up that is ambitious, has decent capital and really wants to get the message out there, you need 3D animation. 3D delivers high quality and state of the art finish. The fact that it has it’s own aesthetic, makes it an immersive experience for the audience as they hang on to every piece of information. The only downside of a 3D animated video is that it can be quite expensive and needs a lot of back and forth to get the desired results. For 3D animation make sure you have a good resourceful pc. So if you’re a start-up with decent capital and time on your hands and you want to make it big, 3D animation is the best choice.

Live-Action with track elements

In live-action videos, everything is established using real people and cameras. It’s used when you want to establish a very strong connection between your message carried by the actors and your potential customers. To make things more interesting, animation combines graphic elements into the live footage to give a feeling of the two of them interacting. This makes the visual display extremely enjoyable and gives it the features of rhythm and dynamism. Live-action gives animated videos a human touch and graphics strengthen the overall message making it stronger.

Stop Motion

Stop motion is a very interesting style of animation video for startups. The fun element makes these animations very relatable. This technique makes use of photographing objects as it is moved in very small amounts, therefore creating an illusion of motion as it gets played back and forth. Again, drawback of this style is the cost and the lack of flexibility in case you want to change some elements. The cost can escalate even higher if you want to incorporate the style in a 3D animated environment. However, it’s an ambitious style, which if executed well can give great results.


If your startup is all about simplicity and outright expression of smart ideas then a typography animation video is for you. It might seem really simple at first but it’s important to remember that it can fit anywhere and everywhere. Typography is a clever animation design that combines fonts and animation together to make sure that the main message gets underlined and reinforced in a systematic way and sits in your audience’s memory.