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What is the Best Animation Style for Your Animated Explainer Videos?

There are no two ways about the fact that animated explainer videos are a superb marketing tool for any breed of business today, as they are highly adaptable to any business idea. These videos are great crowd-pullers and certify a mount in conversion rates. But it’s fundamental to know that they come in several styles and costs, and, more importantly, decide which style best explains your business.

Today, let’s introduce ourselves to each style of animation at our disposal. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons depending upon the appropriateness of the business purposes.

2D Animation – A Crowd Favorite

Considered the most creative and most popular style even by animator pundits. You can acquire most control over your videos with 2D animation, and also more prospects when it comes to colors and characters. Well, there isn’t any thinkable drawback to it, although it’s not the perfect style for every business situation. 2D animated videos creation offers extra options and flexibility.

Whiteboard Animation Videos – A Youth Favorite

Very structured and pertinent style of animation. Makes information communication highly effective and smooth. They instantly grab attention as people can see them being created making it unique as well as youth favorites! However, this restricts its viewership range as they mostly appeal to only young people. So if the younger audience is who you’re targeting, then whiteboard animation is your style.

Stop Motion/Claymation

Highly creative, they add a “life-like” element to the animated characters in the video. A cinematic process used to make static objects appear as if they’re moving. An expensive technique takes a longer time in creation and often considered child-like. Stop motion videos have a warmer tone, however if you’re short on budget and time, then you may want to take something else under consideration.

Motion Graphics to Present Facts

If your business concept is complex and requires a whole lot of explaining then you should opt for motion graphics animation style. Motion Graphics companies create colorful, vibrant videos. More informative than whiteboard animation and far more effective, a wide array of fonts can be used too. But it’s not very high in the creative quotient. Due to constraints in creativity, it’s not very popular amongst youth and is restricted to mostly matured complex business purposes.

3D Animation – The Current Favorite

The current favorite style of animation. It gives amazing quality and plenty of options in video creation. But it’s a highly expensive affair and takes much longer time to produce compared to any other style of animation. But if you want your audience to drop their jaws with a “wow”, 3D animation is your thing! If not then, we’ve above some other amazing styles to choose from.

So, keep in mind the purpose of creating a video for your business, consider all the pros and cons of each style, and your animation video is bound to be an outright success!