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What are the advantages and disadvantages of online animation creation tools?

You know that explainer videos are a highly popular medium right now. They have become such a powerful tool to market a product or service and persuade customers. With such an effective form of communication, many businesses are hopping on the bandwagon to get animated explainer videos made for their brand. 

While some businesses think about making these videos in-house to save money, most businesses think about using an external team, as they don’t have the necessary resources. Now there are two ways to do it externally. One is through online animation creation tools and the other is by hiring animated explainer video companies. It is possible that after searching online; you find some free animation maker tools and think to yourself, why not try making a video ourselves? After all, how hard can it be? 

But, here’s where things won’t turn out exactly as you expected it to be and you might wonder if this was really a good idea. To save you the trouble of going through all the hassle to determine if it’s actually worth it or not, we have listed out the pros and cons of online animation maker tools.

Advantages of online animation tools vs. animated explainer video companies

  1. Free of cost or affordable price

If you plan on making an animated explainer video using an online software, then one of the biggest advantages you will have is that it will be either free or it will have an affordable price for upgraded packages. This is especially useful for businesses that are just starting out and can’t afford to spend too much money on a 3D animation explainer video company. And if you ever feel like your brand has grown past what the video has projected, you can always alter it to suit your current needs without any additional cost or having a vendor do it for you. 

  1. Full control over what you produce

Another advantage of using an online video maker tool is that you will have full control of the video making process. From the messaging, the graphics, to the colour theme, timelines and the overall look of the brand, it is all under your control. 

  1. Turn your vision into reality

With the help of templates available on a video making platform, you can make your vision come to reality. You can choose the kind of graphics you want depending on your target audience and the product or service you’re offering.

Disadvantages of online animation tools

  1. Compromising on quality

But here’s the catch, while online animation tools have some advantages, they also have some major disadvantages. The first big disadvantage is the quality of the video you make. While using online softwares, you’re limited to the templates available in the tool, and therefore, cannot create a video that stands out. But, with a 3D animation design agency, you can get a high-quality custom design that perfectly fits your brand. 

  1. Time consuming

You might’ve thought that getting a video done with the help of online animation tools could be easier and less time-consuming, but you’re wrong. While some tools are user friendly, they still have a learning curve to them. And honestly, crossing that successfully would take up just as much time as producing a video with the help of a 2D animation explainer video company.

  1. Lacks good video content

In order to stand out among the competition, your video should have good content. A compelling script with a strong storyline is essential to make an impactful video. This will leave a lasting impression on your audience. But this is what online animation tools lack. Whereas a 3D animation explainer video company would have professional script writers writing good video scripts that are engaging, informative and unique. 

  1. No creative influence of a professional

The DIY nature of using a video maker tool results in an amateur video that doesn’t meet the standards of a professionally made video. But, by hiring a design studio, you ensure that your videos have the creative influence of design professionals and that you end up with a perfect high quality video that takes your business to another level.

While DIY-ing a video with the help of online animation tools may seem like a cheaper option, you still need to account for the time it takes to create a good quality video with strong content. And instead of taking that risk to produce something subpar, why don’t you sit back, relax and leave that task to professionals at animated explainer video companies like Pitchworx? Get in touch to know how we can help you.