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The Graphic Design Trends of 2022

With 2022 here, we are seeing new design trends evolving. Some that have been tested through the times while others that bring a refreshing new twist to the classics. The new trends bring so much potential to explore new design formats and to create something fresh and breathtaking. As a design agency, we believe it’s important to be up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry and be curious to explore new styles. We believe this article that talks about the signature graphic design trends of 2022 will be exceptionally helpful for both us and designers around the world. Let’s dive right in!

Fonts with a twist

Fonts with a twist or otherwise called as playful fonts or twisted typography is a new design trend that’s gaining popularity. This trend breaks the regularity of fonts in a unique way. It could be a word in which a single letter is upside down, smaller or bigger, or in a completely different font altogether. A popular example of this sort of typography is the Squid Game title design. Go check it out. This design trend gives that much needed revival for logos and static graphics

2D x 3D mashup

The 3D trend that gained popularity last year is still going strong in 2022 with the limitless possibilities it gives designers. It has evolved into so much more than just 3D characters and has now become a medium to portray hyper-realistic designs. This year we expect to see more variations and evolutions of 3D design with the mashup of 2D designs, thus giving us the best of both worlds. The combination of these two is simple yet refreshing. So look out for this trend a lot more in 2022.

3D characters

Again, 3D is going to be at the forefront of design this year. Using 3D characters in design is tried and tested. It builds a strong brand identity for businesses and especially with the metaverse being developed; it is going to dominate the graphic design world. They can be used as online avatars for metaverse users and so much more. Besides, a fun little 3D character is always more engaging and more dynamic than a 2D character. 3D Characters with their expressive reactions and realistic textures can make anyone fall in love with them.

Vibrant candy colours

For people like us who are constantly exposed to content, it is important for designers to catch our eye while we do our mindless scrolling. This is where candy colours come into play. Candy colours have a strong visual appeal that can catch your attention among all the humdrum of social media. These vibrant candy colours are bold and with the right understanding of colour theory, designers can come up with stunning designs. While pastel colours always have our heart, vibrant candy colours are refreshing and exciting.

Glass and crystal designs

In 2021, we saw the rise of glass morphism, a sleek design that resembled frosted glass with subtle light and colour shining through. It was popularly adopted in UI designs so much so that even Apple and Microsoft adopted this trend for their latest updates. Similarly, this year the glass morphism trend has evolved into a more mesmerising 3D design. Designers are inspired by colourful glass and crystal designs and have replicated it into shiny 3D objects that make you want to reach out into the screen and touch them. This glossy aesthetic design gives a much needed dynamism to your everyday design.

Round bubble fonts

Round bubble fonts are making a comeback! Yes, the ones we drew in our school notebooks, those fonts are coming back. This trend is fun and brings back the feeling of nostalgia. The rounded edges give a bubbly feeling that is friendly, inviting and, most of all, exciting. It delivers a very lighthearted and positive vibe that we feel is absolutely necessary this year. We can’t wait to see the magic that the designers are going to weave with this nostalgic, fun font.

Parametric patterns

Parametric patterns are inspired by the graphs of parametric equations. They are geometric structures that morph depending on their relative position. These patterns create great visual interest to solid coloured backgrounds and are simple yet elegant in the way they bring visual appeal to represent the complexity of the objects. This trend is subtle but gives a sense of movement among static designs thus, breaking the monotony.

These graphic trends of 2022 are definitely something to look forward to. Some of these trends embrace the bold, the funky and break the norm of subtle designs. Though times can be hard, we, as a design agency, find solace in these subtle, quirky and fun designs. Let us know what you found the most interesting with these trends. If you are interested in our design services, then click here!