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Video Marketing Secrets That No Other Animation Agency Will Tell You

If you think that running an ad is the only way to market your video, you’ve been living under a rock. It’s already established that videos are the number one way to educate, inform, and present a brand message in the most engaging way. But what is the right way to go about video marketing? We’re sure you must have heard a gazillion video marketing tips by now.

For instance, optimizing videos for search is one of the best and cost-effective ways of increasing their reach. With search trends growing, billions of searches are being conducted on various platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. This makes it important to use keywords in the description and title of a video, collaborate with other influences and brands for link building, and implement video SEO in general.

But in this post, we’re going to throw light on the most striking video marketing secrets that no other animation agency will tell you. It’s not just about producing and posting a bunch of moving multimedia and being done with that. With competitors lurking around your potential customers, you’ve got to have an edge. On that note, let’s dive into these video marketing secrets to help you reach the pinnacle you’ve always aspired for.

  1. Say Goodbye To The Comfort Zone

It’s ironic how the comfort zone is one of the most uncomfortable places in the world if you look at the bigger picture. When it comes to video marketing, leaving the comfort zone usually means imparting a unique personality to your videos. For instance, if you can present complex topics in a simple and interesting way, that will increase the efficacy of your video marketing efforts. 

Always remember that the comfort zone is the biggest suppressor of creativity and innovation. If you’re trying to educate the audience about a product that’s a little complicated, go for the best explainer video production companies for your content creation. 

  1. Brainstorming Can Be a Game Changer

If you feel that brainstorming is hogging up a lot of time, keep in mind that the greatest ideas of all have usually originated from crazy brainstorming sessions. The process is simply about turning vague ideas into a narrowed-down list or an outline. 

Combine this process with the services of a leading product explainer video production company and you’ll have unbeatable videos to send your message across. Is that a good enough reason not to shy away from brainstorming?

  1. Stories Before Sales

Now that brands are able to reach a wide audience space directly, they can’t simply rent a space and expect customers to buy from them. To capture their target audience’s attention, brands have to resort to entertainment. Instead of being excessively sales-driven, your videos should offer value and appeal to your potential customers’ emotions. The best way to do that is to tell a story and develop a connection with your audience.

  1. Make The Best Hook Out of The First Few Seconds

Did you know that the average attention span of people nowadays is merely 8.5 seconds? While that’s certainly not enough to make sales, it’s definitely sufficient to hook your audience to your video. Use teasers, hooks, and previews to capture the attention of viewers right away. Make sure your thumbnail is super interesting without being clickbait. 

If viewers know what value the video offers before watching it, they are more likely to continue watching it. For instance, if a person knows that it a video will make them laugh, more often or not, they’ll click on it. The same goes for when they know a video will teach them something.

  1. Stick To a Strict Schedule

Obstacles easily give rise to procrastination. Don’t beat yourself up over it since that’s just human nature! However, it’s time for a realization. If you look at the bigger picture, procrastination only tends to make things difficult by slowing down important processes. 

On the other hand, if there is a laid-out schedule and everything goes according to it, it makes life simpler! Moreover, when you stick to a prescribed video timeline, the video marketing campaign maintains momentum which is good for business.

  1. Humor Is No Longer Optional!

You can’t be boring, hands down. This is not debatable. Except for a few niches of content, humor goes a long way. It’s needless to say that with hectic work schedules, life tends to get a little boring. Your prospects don’t want to be further bored with plain old monotonous videos. 

A punch of humor even for a few minutes in a day makes them feel alive. It sparks their interest to know more about your brand and what you have to offer. So, without any delay, quit the yawnsome tone and bring life into your script with some humor.

  1. Add Some Innovation to Your CTAs

Most video marketers use CTA at the end. However, mid-roll CTAs have a decent average conversion rate. Including a call to action is obvious but using it anywhere other than the end is a little rare. But when something has a proven success rate, what’s the harm in trying it out? After all, it’s all about loving your audience in the direction you want. Try and test before deciding what works for you in this area.


In a world where the definition of marketing is misinterpreted as being viral, it’s high time for a reality check. From cliches like keeping the audience engaged and keeping the content relevant, it was important to let these video marketing secrets out since no other animation agency is going to tell you this! 

When you combine humor, innovation, creativity, hooks, and stories, there’s nothing that can stop you from coming up with an unfazed video marketing strategy. Last but not least, it’s recommended that you opt for the best animation agency to avoid any loopholes and discrepancies in the content production stage.

We have done our part, now it’s your turn. Now that you have been enlightened with some of the not-so-known secrets, it’s time to opt for the best animated video production services and follow them up with the killer video marketing tactics mentioned above.