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Here is How a Video-Incorporated Website can Transform Your Business

The first step to marketing your business online is to create a website. A website becomes the first impression of your brand online. It contributes massively towards your digital marketing strategies, as it lures in users to become acquainted with the brand, its products, and possibly make a purchase. 

With websites being such a crucial tool for building your brand online, the pressure to create one that impresses the visitors and converts them into potential customers is high. That’s why we are here to help you out. Here are some of the best ways to promote your business online with a unique website that keeps your visitors engaged. We also discuss how you can use videos created by 2D animation studios in the UK to keep things interesting and create a special experience for your audience. 

A video on your homepage goes a long way | 2D animation studios UK

As it’s been said multiple times, “the first impression is the best impression.” Your website’s homepage is the first thing your audience sees when they visit your website. This first encounter with your brand will determine their course of action in the future. So your website must have a welcoming design that draws the visitors in. 

Another important factor is to keep your website design uncluttered. But this also means that you can’t provide as much information about your product and services. And without having enough information about your brand, how will your audience be convinced to use your services? A simple solution to this is to add a video in your homepage. Preferably an animated explainer video.

Animated explainer videos use attractive visuals to convey vital information about the brand, the products and how it can benefit the users, all under two minutes. This type of video can dive deep into the inner workings of the product and its value proposition, and convey it in an easily understandable manner. Hire some of the best animation studios in the UK to get your animated explainer video.

User experience is brand experience

User experience is of utmost importance for a website. It’s the factor that determines how the users will perceive the various aspects of your website and how well it meets their needs. From your website’s user-friendliness, usefulness and efficiency, everything is determined by UX. When your UX is good, then their experience with the brand itself is elevated. This gives them a high regard for your brand and they are likely to revisit the website. So having a great UX is vital to promote your brand online.

Here are some simple tips you can follow to give your visitors a pleasant experience. 

  1. Your website should not be cluttered with excessive information
  2. Keep your content simple and relevant
  3. Gamify the experience to increase interaction with your brand
  4. Make sure ad pop-ups are less
  5. Using auto-play videos can be beneficial, but they must be played on mute 
  6. Use animation between different pages to give an immersive experience.

Create multiple landing pages

When you market your business online, your audience might click on your ads, your email or your content, all of this will lead them to your landing page. This landing page usually has a single purpose that is defined by your CTA or call-to-action. 

But sometimes, you might want your visitors to take on more than one action, like signing up for your newsletter, purchasing your products, becoming a member, downloading free templates, etc. In such a case, you can create multiple landing pages for each offering. Every landing page should focus solely on one call-to-action, and the content should be specific to that. You can use animated videos created by top animation studios in London to give a clearer understanding of your offering to your visitors. Reach out to any animation production companies in the UK.

Use a responsive web design 

These days, everyone owns multiple devices. So no matter what device your visitors use, they should be able to view your website perfectly. This means that your web design should render well in different display sizes. Your visitors should have a good experience regardless of whether they use a computer, tablet or mobile phone to view your website. Another added benefit of having a responsive website is that it will rank better on search engines.

Include a simple contact page

A contact page is where the customer gets all your contact details, from email ID, phone number to your socials. Your contact page should also contain a form that your visitors can fill up. This can be helpful to analyse the audience who are interested in your brand and it will ultimately benefit you in marketing your business better. The contact form should contain basic information like name, email address, company name, and industry. 

Testimonials are powerful

Customer reviews or testimonials are not a must for your website. But adding them gives the new visitors trust and confidence in your brand. Testimonial video from an actual user is more effective in persuading someone to purchase your product rather than you saying how beneficial your products are. Compared to written reviews on your page, testimonial videos have a higher impact on your audience. This is because they have a storytelling format and it’s usually more relatable when an actual person talks about how the brand has helped them. Hire animation studios in London to get impactful testimonial videos for your website.

Share your story

Your story is as essential a step in marketing as any. When customers visit your website to make a purchase, they also look for any human qualities. They become curious to know about your ethics, your attitude, and your story. So, having an “about us” page that talks about your journey, your company culture, your company’s vision for the future, etc., humanizes your brand. This enables your customers to empathize with your brand and build a personal connection. The best way to share your story is to use videos. You can go through UK’s animation studios list to choose the right company to create engaging videos for you.

In conclusion, creating a website is the first and the most important step in marketing your business online. Your website represents your company. But there are millions of websites out there. So how do you make yours stand out? By having a video-incorporated website! With a video-incorporated website, you make the experience for your website visitors more immersive and entertaining, thus leaving a lasting impression on them. Now that you’ve learned how to transform your business, hire 2D animation studios in UK to get stunning content.