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Script Writing 101: Everything you Need to know about Writing a Video Script

It is no secret that videos are now a powerful marketing tool. But, no matter how many explainer videos you invest in, the success of your video can only be determined by the quality of your script. Your script is like the foundation for your video. The stronger the foundation, the better will be the output. Whether it’s for a simple explainer video, or for a movie/series, a solid video script makes all the difference in ensuring its success. 

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about video script writing and how you can write a powerful script like the top explainer video companies in India do. Read along to know the insider tips and tricks to writing a good script.

What is Script Writing? | Top Explainer Video Companies in India

Script writing is like creating the blueprint for your video. It lays out the different scenes so you can envision the video that is to be created. The script will contain the scenes, the actions and the dialogues in a chronological order. Basically, everything that needs to be in a video is written in the script. 

Why should you write a script?

Imagine watching an hour long film that has no story. It would be disastrous, right? That’s exactly what would happen if you went into producing a video with no script. 

Scripts help you plan your message – Writing a script is the starting point of video production that allows you to integrate your ideas and plan your messaging. From deciding on the message you want to tell your audience to how you want to tell it, it’s all determined at this stage.

It helps you estimate your video length – The number of words in your script can determine the duration of your video. An explainer video company in Delhi NCR, like PitchWorx uses about 120-130 words to make a 1 minute video. This is decided by keeping a well-paced narrator in mind. So considering the time limit you want to achieve, your script can be structured to deliver only the necessary information that will resonate with the audience.

Scripts save time – During the production of a video, many stakeholders will have a say in what should be included in it. But adding those changes directly in your video can be time  consuming. That’s why having a script allows you to make the changes before going into production. This makes the process collaborative and saves everyone’s valuable time.

How to write a good script?

Create a video brief 

Creating a brief for your video can help you figure out the necessary information you need to include in your video. Writing the script out of the blue can be daunting so you can start off with a brief and build your script from there. 

You can follow these insights from an explainer video company in Bangalore to help you start.

  • Determine the goal of your video – Is your goal to bring awareness about your product or brand? Do you want to attract new customers or retain the existing ones? What is the reason you are doing this video?
  • Identify the target audience and what they need – Who is this video going to benefit? What age group do they belong to? What kind of things are they interested in? Who is most likely to use your product?
  • The key takeaway or the message you want to convey – What message do you want to give your audience? What do you want the viewers to learn from your video? 
  • The call-to-action – Once they have watched your video, what action do you want your audience to take? Do you want them to buy the product, subscribe to your channel, or contact you?

Create a structure or outline for your script

With the brief that you obtained, create a structure for your script. Using your brief as a guide, weave a story around it. Your story doesn’t have to be epic and novel-like, it just needs to follow a simple pattern where each section progresses naturally into the next.

For example, you can start off by introducing the problem that your target audience faces. You need to elaborate on the problem and show how it’s affecting your target audience’s life. Express how it’s holding them back, then introduce your product and show them how it will solve their problem. Let them know the benefits of your product then move on to what you would like them to do at the end of the video. The final call to action is crucial because without it, the video will seem pointless. Many explainer video companies in India follow this simple method to write good scripts.

Keep it short and captivating

While writing a video script it is easy to get carried away. You might want to write out everything about the product and its benefits. But this will do you more harm than good. According to a study, the ideal video duration to gain good engagement is 2 minutes. Anything beyond 2 minutes saw a drastic drop in the engagement rate. So stick to 2 minutes or under with your script. 

Make sure your script starts with something captivating to grab the audience’s attention. And try to keep the script fun and interesting. The little bit of personality and fun you add into your script can make the video more entertaining to watch. Explainer video company in Indore ensures that their script is lively before going into video production.


When writing a script, remember your target audience and tailor your script according to them. No matter how amazing your product is, if you don’t have the right delivery, then it will all be lost. So a good script is vital in creating a kick-ass explainer video.

We hope you understood a little more about scriptwriting and how it’s supposed to be done. You can practice writing for imaginary scenarios to get better at it. If you still find the process of scriptwriting daunting, then you can hire some of the top explainer video companies in India and they will take care of it for you. Till then, happy writing!