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10 Types of Industries that Need Video Animation

Animation is a way of imitating life by using successive graphics to give the illusion of movement. Earlier animation used individual scenes drawn on paper and combined to make an animated video. But these days with the invention of technology, animation can be made using computer generated imagery, thus making it easier and accessible. 

The notion that animation is meant only for entertainment is long gone. With its several benefits, animation can be used in many scenarios. It is a great tool to grab viewers’ attention, especially in the current age where everyone is affected by a shorter attention span. Its simple visuals can even explain complex and abstract topics with attractive graphics. Over the years, several 2D animation company in the USA have aimed at diversifying the medium and providing endless possibilities in how animation can be used in today’s scenario. Let us look at how different industries can benefit from this revolutionary medium of information sharing.

10 Industries that will benefit from Animation | 2D Animation Company in USA

  1. Education Sector

We know that visual learning has proven to be more effective for students to understand and retain information better than simply reading. In this case, using animation can further enhance the learning. With its moving objects, colourful graphics and captivating sounds, it engages all the senses of a student and keeps them attentive. Topics that are too complex or too abstract to be understood by students can be depicted with the help of animation. Besides this, students can also refer to these videos at a later stage and learn at their own pace. Some small 2D animation studios create captivating animated videos for e-learning platforms. 

  1. Architecture and Engineering

When proposing an architectural plan for a building construction, it is important to showcase the plan in a simplified manner for potential customers. To visualise the plan better, both architecture and engineering industries can utilise animation. Animation, be it 3D or 2D, can help the potential customer understand the building structure better and it also allows to add all the intrinsic detail within the plan. Reach out to any 2D animation studios in California to interpret the proposed architectural designs with ease.

  1. Entertainment Industry

Entertainment is one of the top industries that uses animation. Originally made for television, it has now transformed into a medium of entertainment for several platforms. Over the years, many top 2D animation studios like Disney and Pixar have created a variety of animated movies that cater to a wide range of audience. Several animated series like The Simpsons, The Family Guy, etc have also gained massive following. With its captivating graphics, animation gives a unique entertainment factor for the audience.

  1. Marketing and Advertising

Animation provides the necessary creativity for any advertisement and marketing endeavour. For advertising, it captures the attention of the audience at an instant, lures them into purchasing a service and also leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. Many famous brands like WhatsApp and Android have used animated adverts to convey their message. Animation also plays an important role in marketing. Product demonstration with animation and animated explainer video on a landing page is proven to increase conversions. It enables the brand to reach larger demographics and create brand awareness.

  1. Healthcare/ Medical

Animation videos for the healthcare industry come in very handy. Instead of having to dissect a frog to understand the different parts, animated video can give a visual representation of the insides of any animal. This also helps in understanding human anatomy better. Besides this, many medical procedures can be too complex for a patient to understand, but with animated explainer videos, the patient will grasp it better. This transparency will give the patients a sense of trust and reassurance. 2D animation studios in Canada collaborate with health institutions to share valuable information in the form of animated videos.

  1. Retail 

Animation is extensively used in retail. It is useful in demonstrating a product and its various features. Many customers have stated that they are most likely to purchase a product when they watch a video that shows its features and functions. Animation can also help to reveal the minutest of details that can otherwise be difficult to photograph. Both 2D and 3D animation are a great tool that marketers can use to promote their product. Hire small animation studios to help you market your product.

  1. Gaming 

Animation plays an integral part of the gaming industry. Every game today contains animated characters, either in 2D or 3D. Each game you see now is modeled and created with the help of animation. With the advancement of technology, sophisticated animations that imitate real-life can be made to keep the players entertained and give them an immersive experience. 

  1. Simulation

Simulation involves imitating real-life scenarios to give practice and prepare trainees for different situations that might occur. It helps people to experience what can otherwise be too dangerous in real life. This might include driving, pilot training, military training, etc. In such a case, animation can help to simulate a similar lifelike experience with no damage to either the person, or the machine. It even saves fuel. So it’s a win-win situation.

  1. Science and Technology 

Animation can be used to build scientific models to visualise processes. It can be extremely useful in both research-based and analytical studies. Similarly, for the ever-changing technology, it is important to simplify and convey the process to consumers for better understanding. Whether it’s an app, a product or a new software, animated explainer videos are essential to make your potential customers understand it easily. Get your 2D animation studios list today to hire the best. 

  1. Manufacturing

For the manufacturing industry, it helps to see the prototype before it’s manufactured. With an animation video, the different parts of the machinery and how it’s to be assembled can be shown. In addition to this, animated explainer videos can also help educate people about how the machinery works and how it can make life easier.

In conclusion, animation can help different industries to grow and reach thousands of people. Its scope is immense with technological advancement. Hire a professional 2D animation company in the USA to get an impactful animation video for your industry.