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Learn How Winning Animated Explainer Videos Are Created

People hate complexities. But they love anything that simplifies something complicated for them. At PitchWorx, we have been taking up this task for about nine years. Here, we are talking about creating winning animated explainer videos.

After understanding client requirements and bringing them to life in the form of animated explainer videos for nearly a decade, we have managed to fine-tune our production process to a point of near perfection. During this time, our hands-on experience taught us a lot about how winning animated explainer videos are created.

In this post, we are going to talk about plenty of less-known things that go into creating exemplary animated explainer videos. This process has been working for our clients year after year. So, here is some insider information to help you learn how we have been creating animated video for business as a leading animation agency. Let’s dive into the details.

  1. Gaining a Broad Sense of Clarity With Kick-Off Call

Even the best 2D animation company needs to build a certain level of connection with clients before starting out with an animated video for business. This first step is all about understanding the business and getting a clear idea of client objectives and goals. Knowing the goals and objectives for their business and video marketing provides a structured path to achieve them. 

After that comes reviewing and structuring of content to mold it to come up with the best animated explainer videos. Always remember that regardless of how expert a graphic design team is, the output is never up to the mark without an in-depth understanding of the business.

  1. Brainstorming and Pitching

When a team of dedicated experts brings their ideas to the table in an innovative brainstorming session, miracles happen. Keeping this principle in mind it’s important to narrow down and prioritize ideas in a structured way to come up with a full-fledged plan. 

After drafting a way to put life into the client’s message through animated explainer videos, we pitch a design theme. Once approved, it’s time to bring it all into action. 

Note: Brainstorming can be a lengthy process. Therefore, it’s vital to prescribe a time frame in advance for preventing a single step to hog up your entire development time.

  1. The Implementation

One of the primary goals is to make the audience understand even the most complex processes in a simple way. Animated explainer videos eliminate unfamiliarity and present a brand message in the most interesting possible manner. 

Adopting a content-focused approach with making the message stand out bright with design helps make the audience grasp every ounce of what the brand wants to convey. Another important part of this step is to get rid of clutter. This further enhances the impact of the content and design. 

All in all, this phase is all about leveraging the power of images, visuals, videos, infographics, taking care of typography, and producing tangible results.

  1. Benefit-Oriented Script With Suitable Audio

The key to creating a winning animated explainer video also lies in its script. Keeping visuals aside for a second, when it comes to the script, the shorter the better! Sometimes we abridge certain sections of the script to create the best fit for animated explainer videos. 

it’s also vital to take into account the time your audience will take for your message to sink in. Usually, concise scripts are the essence of the most effective videos. If you are adding a voice-over, it should always be high quality and professional. Even if there is no voice-over at all, there should be background music perfectly in tune with the content. 

Combining script and audio, the video should always deliver how a product or a service can benefit customers. No one wants to hear a business ramble on about their features like a robot!

  1. Quality Checks and Feedback

Considering how dedicated animation agency teams work, it’s hard to imagine any compromise in the quality of animated explainer videos. However, let’s face it, we’re all humans. No matter what, there’s always room for some errors. 

But delivering a project filled with mistakes to the client is out of the question! That’s exactly why a thorough review process is crucial for intricate quality checks. A multi-step quality check identifies even the tiniest errors. Then it goes for client review so that they can offer feedback and suggest changes if there are any. 

As a rule, we always send our final draft to the client for feedback and review before making the final delivery. Based on that feedback, we polish every aspect of the project and deliver the videos. At this point, we usually keep our fingers crossed and hope to wow our clients’ audience with our design!


Requirements can vastly vary and we can’t always be experts in the niches of our clients’ business. However, thanks to the passion and creativity of our dedicated team of experts, the cards are always in our favor. That helps us deliver high-quality and crystal clear animated explainer videos. By extension, this helps our clients make the most when it comes to returns on investment.

Starting from the kick-off call and understanding the content to finalising themes, implementing design, and rigorous quality checks, we ensure flawless final delivery. If you’re planning on boarding the animated explainer video bandwagon, we hope for our process mentioned above to point you in the correct direction.

This will also help you save a lot of resources, money, and time, besides enabling you to come up with animation explainer videos that offer great and measurable outcomes. After all, you’re creating them for a reason, right? It’s time to leverage these to educate your audience and increase conversions right away. If you have any doubts, consider us your go-to 2D animation company, and feel free to reach out!