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Here are Some Amazing Tools for Graphic Designers

A good graphic designer? Is it born or made? Everyone would want great creative, do witty things all the time and even get paid for it. But however, every creative genius requires a magic lamp, or in case of graphic designers some tools that allow him/her to freely explore imagination anywhere in the world.

Here are some wonderful tools all designers to enhance their creative activity.


Well, if you ask us we love Helvetica! Consider this – don’t you think if the time we move on and know that there’s life beyond Times New Roman or Comic Sans. Remember that a font can either make your designs awesome or conversely, blow the whole creative process out of the water. Let’s look at some interesting tools:

Font spring– It offers a wide range, well-structured by categories. The most refreshing part is that it provides monthly fonts ranking. Font spring presents a review with latest favorite fonts. Select sources for the web, eBooks, and apps are available here. Most fonts are payable but others are free.

My Fonts – With features like the pattern blog, it’s a very hip space and what makes it the most interesting is the introduction of different sources with small fragments of history, creation and use of each. Another interesting and original touch is a presenting style of the designers showcasing their designers as if it were a personal portfolio.

Font Shop – This is like a real multistory with more of a minimalist style. Besides the usual shopping service, there’s the offer of “Tryout & Tools”, at Font Shop if you want to find many fonts and rendering in real time then you can try to live sample layouts, play around them and discover all the fun tools.


Infographics are very high in demand resource for the creation of attractive content. They are helpful in explaining data clearly and easy to read. However, without proper tools, the design of an infographic can be difficult to make suitable compositions.

Visually – is a creative community where over 1000 freelance graphic designers collaborate Apart from infographics you can create eBooks, videos, presentations and interactive websites too. It offers a wide set of infographics models focused on different sectors such as communication, marketing, business, health, and environment. – If you’re focusing on the creation part of infographics then this tool is for you. You can simply and intuitively use it through three easy steps: choose the template, visualize your data, publish and share. Templates fall under four broad categories: Media & Blogs, Education, Brands, and Organizations. A live chat streaming to resolve all doubts adds to the interesting element of the tool.

Piktochart – Its variety of templates and other options such as typography, shapes, icons, photos and photo frames makes it a great choice for infographics creation. It also offers a simple way of composing maps, charts or videos. Different designs are available as it’s a free account but options are better with premium modality.


For every designer, an infinite color palette is essential to light his creations with colors. But remembering all the color codesos difficult, it is essential to have some tool that helps to get the right tone of colors for your designs These three tools will provide infinite possibilities

Color Munki – This tool not only allows you to create your own color palette, but also allows you to share and use compositions created by other users. With each color choice opens a dialog box where on the basis of harmony and similarity you can select the color of your choice. You can also look for other shared palettes and images.

Adobe Color CC – is a fun option to go for. You can create infinite color combinations using a highly interactive palette. There are no excuses for using your favorite color here. The color rule lets you combine similar, monochromatic, complementary and custom colors among other options.

Color Hunter – This cool tool allows you to extract a color palette from a particular image through URLs, tags, hex code or through an image from a laptop or a mobile phone. You can link into a Pinterest account and save your favorite color palettes and much more.

With these useful tools, always enjoy designing and never run out of creative ideas and options to become a successful graphic designer.