7 Tips to Create the Perfect Animated Video for Business

Videos are the “it” thing of the twenty-first century. Social media has changed the content scene completely and every business, big and small, is using video and visual content as a part of their marketing strategy. Since no single approach works all the time, marketing strategies use a combination of tactics and content forms and[…]

Here’s How you can Optimise your Video Strategy for Social Media

Videos have become an important part of digital marketing these days. With more online platforms creating a space for video content, it is a great option for businesses to leverage this medium and gain publicity. Social media videos can do so much more than what traditional marketing could achieve.  Let me back my statement with[…]

5 Tips for Creating Effective Presentations

Presentations are an inherent part of today’s work world. From sales pitches to why you except that pay hike by the end of this year, the goal is to instruct and persuade others. It takes preparation and practice to polish presentation skills. Here are 5 basic yet important tips that’ll over time increase your confidence[…]

How to Design a Stand out Corporate Presentation

How often have you sat through ineffectively outlined PowerPoint presentations that were exhausting, jumbled and diverting? Probably way too much! The uplifting news is: You don’t have to be an expert designer to design out-of-the-box presentations. For making a corporate presentation in PowerPoint, Keynote, or elsewhere, here are 5 simple design tips that’ll help you[…]

How to Prepare for Your Next Big Corporate Presentation

In our previous blog titled “Ingredients of a great corporate presentation”, we talked about the rudiments of PowerPoint presentations and what make them memorable. In this blog today, we’ll be talking about how to practice for a corporate presentation. If you’re someone who relies too much on making notes, using slides as cue cards, then[…]

Ingredients of a Great Corporate Presentation!

Contrary to what many people think, in order for a corporate presentation to be great, it shouldn’t be totally jargon dominated. It’s a common misconception that a presentation which lays a lot of emphasis on the technical part, gains favourable reception over the others. You’d be surprised if I tell you that the secret to[…]

9 important business decisions to take when you’re starting out!

Being an entrepreneur is never easy. There are decisions you have to take at every step. There are challenges thrown at you every now and then & overcoming them becomes quite a Herculean task. In this blog post I’ve tried to sum up important decision every entrepreneur has to take for his/her start-up business. 1.[…]

4 Presentation Myths You Never Knew!

Glossophobia or fear of speaking in public is perhaps the most common fear that spreads terror in the minds of presenters. If statistics are to be believed, people prefer death over presenting in public! The idea is to not let presentation myths scare you off. Here are 4 of the most common myths that have[…]

4 Reasons Why PowerPoint is Number 1

PowerPoint is ubiquitous! Right from devising classroom courses for toddlers, to creating business presentations for corporate houses, we’re all familiar with how PowerPoint presentations are made. Yet, over the years, MS PowerPoint has lost its hold on the number of users, primarily because it has received a bad reputation as a tool for creating ‘horrendous[…]

5 tips on how to deliver the perfect business pitch to investors!

It takes more than just courage and a giant leap of faith to be a successful entrepreneur! You’ve got to learn the art of pitching. Entrepreneurs these days have some amazing ideas, but fail miserably when they have to relay them to prospective investors. The root cause? Lack of a medium that can foster good[…]

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