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4 Reasons Why PowerPoint is Number 1

PowerPoint is ubiquitous! Right from devising classroom courses for toddlers, to creating business presentations for corporate houses, we’re all familiar with how PowerPoint presentations are made.

Yet, over the years, MS PowerPoint has lost its hold on the number of users, primarily because it has received a bad reputation as a tool for creating ‘horrendous slides’. While this misconception hovers like a bad omen (courtesy terms like “powerpoint hell” and “death by powerpoint”) there are several positives that affirm Microsoft’s brainchild as the best presentation program in the market till date!

Why choose PowerPoint?
1. It is basically a blank screen

A powerpoint screen is a blank canvas, waiting for you to weave your creative genius over it! It allows you to freely express yourself without any pre-imposed restrictions.

One valuable tip: refrain yourself from working with default templates. Want a template suited to your style? Design it!

2. “Presentation” = “PowerPoint”

The words “presentation” and “powerpoint” are used interchangeably today! This is the extent to which PowerPoint presentations have permeated everyday vernacular! It’s popularity has spread its tentacles far and wide, more so in the corporate world.

3. Easy use of graphics and text

An ideal presentation is an interplay of graphics and text. That is what powerpoint does best; it allows you to work with graphics and text with ease. Powerpoint simplifies your work and allows you to effortlessly play with text and graphic elements, thereby equipping you with a “win” tool!

4. Great tool to teach and impart information

Powerpoint presentations serve as great tools for teaching. It is a known fact that visual learning is more beneficial than run-of-the-mill teaching methods. Well, powerpoint helps deliver just that! For instance, if you have a story to tell that might be difficult to explain textually or orally; you could simply create a visual narrative!

To conclude it could be said that PowerPoint is still one of the most trusted slide-based tools in the world today. The trick is to use it effectively and to your advantage!