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Some Useful tips to Pick Characters for Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the order of the day. Creatively narrating a story in video format within 60 to 90 seconds with animation is the truly spectacular medium of communication. But when it comes to targeting a niche audience with the intent to promote a product/service through that video then it becomes imperative to narrate the story keeping creative visual presentation foremost.

So, one of the key components of explainer videos is characters. 2D character animation is a popular way of sharing messages in an easily understandable way. The lead character walks the audience through the video while the voice-over part being played in the background. It’s possible to use a character in the explainer video to depict or represent anything. They may play the role of a customer or be the product/service itself.

Before going on and finalizing the main character for your special video bear in mind a few following points.

Plan, Research then Select

Generally, when characters are created for explainer videos they are not only bound to that. They are used in various other marketing strategies repeatedly like for social media content, as a mascot or as a how-to guide, etc. Go through the profiles of several animators and analyze a bunch of characters, and you’ll know exactly what you want as a character for a video.

Who’s your Target?

Explainer videos are made keeping a target audience in mind. The main purpose of incorporating a character in the video is to connect with that select audience. A funny, cute character are created if the target audience happens to be children. Everything the in the video is going to revolve around the character, the story, the narrative part so it becomes essential they relate to the major chunk of the audience it’s being made for.

Characters must be Unique

When you’re making an explainer video in character animation it’s reasonable that the characters are designed in an exaggerated manner. Let’s say your video consists of a monkey, it has to be unique, unlike others, maybe with funny features, a funny hat or a nose. The point is the audience should know the character belongs to a particular brand or company.

Play with Colors

Colors help a lot in defining the personality of a character. Black, purple, grey are dark colors that typically denote sinister intentions. Whereas, light colors like white, green, yellow, blue stand for innocence and goodness.

The reason why animated explainer videos are so popular is because they give life to stories. Well, it all depends on the requirement of the product/service or business that’s being promoted by the video but there’s no denying the fact that characters are better conveyors and really quick in making connections with an audience.