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Reasons Why You Need a Great Animated Explainer Video

Are you ready with a killer marketing strategy for your new product? Have you come up with a great plan for branding, conversions and ready with that long list of all the features the product has? Awesome! Your customers are already starting to lose interest. Why? Because what they want to know is not what all features your product possesses but simply what’s “in it” for them. How? With Animated explainer video, tada! Talk to consumers, about their needs, their problems and how do you plan to resolve them.

Ask 3 questions that’ll get your product or service “WOW” from the audience.

WHAT: The audience should know what you do fundamentally. Explain to them what is the product does for them. Try not to use jargons as it’s likely to sound cliched.

WHY: Explain what is your role in the market, the products power to solve the problems and what opportunities you can create for customers.

HOW: How you do what you say you do.

Remember these questions when you dive into making an explainer video for the promotions of your products or services. Videos are simply the best conveyors of difficult marketing messages and business propositions in a much solved and crisp way. By making a “how to” video you not only connect with the audience but “what,” the product does for them and “why” they should choose you over their competition.

Why animated explainer videos?

They are very simple and very easy and to explain which is done with the help of a strong script.

1. Explainer videos spell out the objectives of a business. When people want to know about a product/service, chances are they give more attention to things they can hear and see. Texts can be tricky whereas visual imagery along with audio is far more appealing to them.

2. They directly come to the point. Like mentioned earlier, with a defined attention span the online media consumers, it’s important to grab their attention by hitting the problem note directly, this way they the audience gets hooked and the message gets absorbed better.

3. The solution offered plays the key role, but it mustn’t be forgotten that a consumer’s concerns also keeps in mind a few other things as; is their money being saved? Does it provide them new opportunities to grow? etc.

4. The most engaging explainer videos tell a great story. Depending on the script they consist of a plot, a goal, key characters, obstacles and a lot more. This automatically invokes the feeling of care and better communication between a consumer and a product.

5. The one quality which set explainer videos apart from other marketing tools is that they are easily shareable. Unlike text web pages, powerpoint presentations people are more likely to go on the internet and watch videos instead.

6. And finally, the most important reason why businesses should go for explainer videos is to convert viewer into customers. They are highly interactive so communicate with your customers with them within minutes.