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How to Get More Value out of your Animated Explainer Videos

You’ve just created an amazing explainer video that’s perfect for your business. Now, what? What other role does it have other than being a part of your marketing campaign and adorn the landing page of your website? Animated explainer videos are much more than that, in fact, they can be real valuable assets to businesses. You’ve sure invested in time, resource and money in creating it, wouldn’t you like it to give you concrete returns?

Take a look at some of the ways you can bring animated explainer videos for startups to use for marketing:

Share it on Social Media

Social media gives significant exposure to videos shared on it. Sharing explainer videos on popular social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram gives them ample opportunity to broaden reach and urge congested web traffic.

Advertise it

Explainer videos and advertising run alongside each other. As a digital marketer seeking to market your product, you should keep digital channels in the loop. Tapping into traditional methods can really expand your reach as digital ads usually target the purchase intent of the customers. Television ads still top the list when it comes to creating awareness of novice brands. Local advertising also ranks high and can by no means be looked down on.

Landing Page: No 1

Well, landing pages are without a speck of doubt the No 1 place for explainer videos. Viewers turn into customers on landing pages better as they are packed with irresistible information of the product/service concerned. With people being online almost all the time, chances of videos getting viewed increases. The best platform to educate your potential customers about your products.

Use Email

Explainer videos are dynamic communication tools, so it’s not like they have to in just one place. When you email them to the people you want to have connections with, you automatically cut through packed inboxes and grab instant attention. Videos being short and so easy to communicate can generate leads with email used as a medium of sharing it.


Explainer videos serve as pleasant breaks in presentations as they are highly informative and more fun to watch! The addition of explainer videos can be used to improve webinars, live presentations, trade shows, conferences and much more.

Explainer videos are truly dynamic marketing tools that can be used on various platforms for sales and marketing, in landing pages or in presentations. So, anything you want to say, sell, promote consider using a character animation video and you’ll sail high!