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Role of animated explainer videos in bringing out audience emotions

In a single day we tend to feel hundreds of different emotions – each fitting and specific to the physical and social situations we find ourselves in. Video content triggers strong emotional feelings, and by making its right use you can direct the customers to take the action you want them to take. It’s the perfect tool to increase your animated explainer video’s persuasive potential.

But the important question is what is the reason behind video content generating such strong emotions? There has to be a scientific explanation behind it. Read this and find out the role of emotions in explainer video marketing.

Mirror neurons are key players

When we watch a character in a movie crying or laughing, we feel there’s some kind of connection with the character and us. A small gesture like frowning of a brow by the actor on the screen can also make us imitate the same action on the other side.

The logical explanation behind this is something called “mirror neurons”. The mirror neurons are responsible for the way your brain would react if you were in the same situation as the person you’re watching. The experience of feeling the same emotion of those we see on screen. It automatically makes the viewer feel much more emotionally involved, exactly like a “contagious yawn”.

By creating an animated explainer video, you can trigger different emotions in your audience, including a strong connection and empathy. The characters and backgrounds you craft keeping your audience in mind, you make them feel identified with the problem you present and the thing that they’re looking for : the Solution.

Animation gives you the freedom to go one step further and make your characters as if they were a member of the target audience. Animation honchos like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks take full advantage of this.

Oxytocin: The other important player

Scientific research shows that images evoke emotional responses causing our brains to release a chemical called oxytocin. What effect does it cause? Oxytocin helps us form empathy, triggers emotional connections and even helps to build trust towards a brand or a product. And it’s not just about that, the emotional connection is to increase in your conversion rates.

When your animated explainer video contains well designed, high quality animated characters, your audience will feel identified with. Why? It will bring a more human and personal approach to the message you want to deliver. The video’s fun quotient will increase and will make it more memorable.

Humans first feel and then think

Without a doubt, it proved that people feel first, and think second. The emotional part of the brain processes sensory information in one fifth of the time our cognitive brain takes to assimilate the same input. And since emotions have always been crucial for human survival over centuries, it’s obvious they will never go unnoticed. We are always aware of how we feel.

If the animated explainer video of your brand places a finger on a strong emotional response, it is twice as eligible to be shared than one which triggers a weak emotional response.