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Live Action Videos: The Imperative Boost Businesses Need

What’s the most common sight in a room full of people minding their own business? Well, if you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll easily find people scrolling down their smartphones with video after video playing on autopilot. Of course, it’s a no-brainer that these people are customers.

The marketing landscape is an ever-expanding one. Competitive businesses leave no stones unturned to have their edge over others. They keep trying out different innovative and influential marketing methods to gain traction and consumer attention. 

Speaking of which, video marketing has skyrocketed. More and more brands have been turning to live action videos to entice the target audience into taking the action they want. The likelihood of people sharing visual content in their peer group is 40% higher than that of plain text. 

However, this marketing approach still hasn’t made its way into mainstream branding. It’s underrated, yet extremely powerful. Building on that, let us take a look at how live action videos are the imperative boost businesses need regardless of whether they are startups or large organizations. Let’s dig in.

Magical Trigger for Customer Engagement and Interest

No matter how strategic your marketing plan is, if you can’t grab the attention of potential customers, it all goes in vain. The rule of thumb is to make customers stop in the tracks and become fascinated with your content. The best way to achieve this is to create something they can strongly relate to. And for that, what could be better than a live action video featuring reality?

Live action videos bring the best face of a business out there. This marketing method triggers a highly emotional response and builds brand authenticity. When this kind of content sparks the viewers’ interest, they devote more time to that particular platform. Isn’t it one of the primary business goals?

Show and Make Them Believe!

Instead of overcomplicating with countless advertising campaigns spilling all over the internet space, just this once, show how your product or service works. A live action video demonstrates what exactly your brand stands for by showing customers the real value it offers. This increases the visibility of a business and directly communicates your brand value.

Enhance Your Conversion Rates

Gone are the days when customers would squint their eyes reading through long blocks of text on screen. Cisco revealed that by the year 2022, videos are likely to make up approximately 82% of the traffic on the internet. 

Live action videos provide customers a quick understanding of the message a business is trying to convey. This helps pass users down the marketing funnel and prompt them to take the next set of actions, thereby increasing conversion rates.

Say Hello to More Sales!

There is no shortage of studies proving that customers who watch video content for long durations are more likely to go ahead and buy a product or service. Moreover, before purchasing something, most users like to check out detailed tutorials and reviews that clearly demonstrate how to use a service or product.

The automobile and electronics sector has already made great strides in using live action videos to present their product features and showcase the functionalities. When users know how a product or service can make their lives better, they are more likely to spend money on it.

Higher Return on Investment

Live action videos instill confidence in customers. As discussed in the previous points, it increases conversion and sales. Of course, by extension, this means the return on investment is also high. Isn’t that the primary goal of every business out there?

Is Making Live Action Videos Worth the Investment?

A big yes! Here is why. Live action videos work strictly on the concept of ‘what you see is what you get.’ But instead of driving the sole focus on initial costs of production, check the massive impact it creates for both brand awareness and brand building.

Marketing teams of most businesses embed live action videos on almost all the social media networks and the company’s website. Gradually, it drives traffic and contributes to brand building. Considering the booming value live action videos provide to a business’s marketing campaign, it’s safe to say that it’s 100% worth it.

Summing It Up

It’s no secret that the audience, as long as they’re humans, prefers visuals over massive chunks of text. Now add super relatable storytelling and high-quality video content. And voila! You have the recipe for more sales, a higher conversion rate, and a better ROI. 

The attention span of people has been declining at the speed of light. But when you show them an emotionally charged video that they can relate to, not only do they watch it till the end, they can’t help themselves but click on that valuable share button! 

The human factor in such live videos makes the message of your business sound more genuine. This instills a sense of credibility and trustworthiness beneficial to attain a wide array of marketing objectives.
Insivia indicated that viewers comprehend 95% of a message from a relatable video as compared to 10% from the text. The bottom line, if you’re a startup, live action videos will help build a loyal audience and customers who buy from you. On the other hand, if you’re a large corporation, live action videos will create an impact that will help you expand your existing customer base.