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Landing Page Video – 10 Reasons Why It Is a Must

Appealing landing pages are the heart and soul of any marketing campaign. They have the power to leave an incredible first impression on your audience. They really don’t have to make any efforts beyond a single click to absorb your message, thus leading to a spike in engagement. 87% of marketers take help from video animation services to create videos for promoting their business. Video landing pages come embedded with a video that highlights what value a brand offers.

While there are plenty of elements that help increase conversions on landing pages, videos are the most effective. They keep your leads engaged and offer numerous other benefits. Speaking of which, here are 10 reasons why a landing page video is a must. Let’s take a detailed look.

Video Animation Services | Landing Page Necessity | 10 Points

Better Engagement

Did you know that the chances of people interacting with a video are 10 times more than that of plain text? Every brand wants visitors to engage by learning about their offering and leading to conversions. The combination of great visuals with appropriate text and audio is an unbeatable recipe for engagement.

People can skip the best landing page copy to save time. But once a video captures their attention people are more likely to watch it till the end. If they watch the entire video, they are highly likely to spend more time on the landing page to read the rest of the text.

Better Absorption of Information

A brand knows that the product or service is useful for the audience. But sometimes it can get a little tricky to get your potential customers on the same page. To make them realize how valuable what you’re offering is, they need to have relevant information.

However, huge blocks of text seldom convert. Eventually, your leads lose interest the moment they feel overwhelmed with text. That’s when videos come into the picture.

They share more information in a short time and break down even the most complex details into simple explanations. All in all, your audience absorbs the same information better in the form of a video.


Different types of videos have an impact on the audience. For example, most businesses take assistance from an animation agency to create appealing graphics that regular videos lack. 

A video animation company like PitchWorx can also offer other video formats such as motion graphic videos and explainer videos depending on the product or service they’re pitching. For example, Apple beautifully conveys its intention and brand story using a motion graphics ad.

Better Brand Association

Videos make the personality of a brand shine. When people look at the text, they might not be able to immediately associate your brand with information. But if you incorporate a video into your landing page, conveying a brand’s image isn’t a challenge.

Plenty of brands opt for a good 2D animation company for creating personalized videos with high-quality graphics. This increases brand recognition which is a crucial step towards better conversions. After all, people will only buy from a brand they recognize.

 Unbeatable Conversions

The conversion rate can go as high as 80% if you’re using videos in your landing pages. This goes perfectly in line with a business’s ultimate aim that is converting leads into customers who eventually pay.

Videos offer a means of making the audience feel the emotions you want. It’s not a secret that a person’s emotional state plays a major role in purchasing decisions. 

For example, most fundraisers use videos to increase donations. People are passionate for a cause can’t stand suffering and try to donate as much as possible.

Build Authenticity and Trust

Can you spend your money on something you don’t have any trust in? First-time visitors rarely make a purchase right away. But to help them go down the marketing funnel, you have to build authenticity and trust.

Landing page video imparts a certain level of humanness to a message. You can either ask your video animation services to make a video starring the CEO or use powerful animation graphics to convey your message.

Human Brain is wired for Videos

Watching images that move along with powerful sound effects has an impact on the human brain that plain text can’t. Videos keep things interesting besides imparting knowledge.

Since the engagement is higher, watching videos builds a deep consumer connection. Most of the time, consumers personally relate to content that is line with their values, thus  strengthening their connection to what you are offering.


Even though your leads might not convert right away, a video message is more likely to stay fresh in their memory for a long time. Brand awareness campaigns witness more success with videos than text.

Videos stimulate sensory triggers in the brain using auditory and visual cues. This is the reason why people retain the information they see and videos much longer than text. Moreover, the message becomes a little vague over time if they have just read it which is not the case if they watch the video.

Combination of Different Emotions

Videos can combine different emotional cues to prompt an action. Some emotions known to improve click-through rates are laughter, anger, surprise, empathy, joy, and amusement.

These are some of the most powerful emotions that persuade humans. Imagine how powerful the impact of your videos can be if you use one or a combination of these emotions to convey your message.

Numbers Don’t Lie

If the above reasons still don’t suffice, check out these statistics to see mind-blowing results on how videos have uplifted brands.

  • 76.5% of digital marketers believe that videos have a direct positive impact on their business.
  • Brands using videos can elevate their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.
  • 81% of businesses using explainer videos say they witnessed increased sales.

Final Words

Now that the benefits of a landing page video are pretty clear, the video should be such that your audience keeps watching it till the end. Flawlessness is the key here. Making a video that captures your audience’s attention and keeps them engaged calls for skills and tools. 

You can certainly develop those skills and get the tools. But there is a steep learning curve that comes before developing high-quality value offering videos. Running a business takes up a significant amount of time and energy. 

That’s where a good video animation company comes into the picture. They have a team of experts with different responsibilities allocated to each. This results in an overall crisp and better output.

By now it’s clear that prospects are usually hesitant to take action with conventional landing pages. But video landing pages have an appeal that prompts them to go further down the marketing funnel.