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Live Videos or Animated Explainer Videos? Take your Pick

Online videos are just everywhere. The whole dynamics of marketing has adapted and accepted videos with open arms. Stalwart competition today has opened gates of cutting-edge marketing technologies to reach out to a wide range of clients and customers. Gone are the days of old tried and tested methods of marketing.

More and more businesses hoping on the Youtube bandwagon, it’s all about selecting the right video type that represents your brand the best. And the two forms that excel in doing this are live video streams and the cool and animated explainer videos. Take note of a few factors to keep in mind before pinning down on a video format for your brand.

A Peek into the Industry

Before deciding the video style it’s imperative to consider the industry your business relates to. This lets you determine the level of creativity you need to put in order to be a stand out among your competitors. For instance, for a business proposition such as general contractors, a simple live video would work just fine. But when it comes to creative business concepts then grab attention with animated videos where creative skills can be showcased more.

Reap in More Attention

As explained in the previous point, animated videos definitely comes in the spotlight in garnering more attention from the audience. Due to interesting graphics, engaging voice gigs, animated videos are more popular with the new generation of online viewers. The complex marketing strategies of businesses today can be explained better with animated videos. However live videos can also gain momentum with techniques like engaging scripts and better editing softwares.

Culturally Fit

Keeping in mind the the culture or sales path of your target audience, ask yourself a question. Which video format suits you best? A live or an animated video? If your potential customers are at a fresh stage of the sales path then animated videos can do the trick and identify their problems. Once this is done, then probably a live video can feature the detailed solution, a quick-fix or a DIY guide to troubleshooting.

With several cool explainer video styles, your decision should be based on your budget, nature of business and target audience. Each comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Make  wise choice.